9 Best Electric Lighters for Campers

Best electric lighters for campers

A camper life is challenging especially when you are looking for lighters, since camp life is being independent when you want to set up a campfire, BBQ nights, and marshmallows on the side. Now you can top worrying about flame-based lighters that are affected by wind or harm the environment since we will talk about the best electric lighter available on the market.

After market research and careful consideration, we have selected the nine best electric lighters that will truly change how you illuminate your life. These aren’t just tools; they are companions for every occasion.

Whether you’re lighting candles for an evening preparing a mouthwatering BBQ feast or embarking on a camping adventure it’s time to say goodbye to outdated methods and welcome the new era as we explore the best electric lighters of 2023.


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  • Battery Notification

  • Children Safety Button

  • Retractable Head Protect Cover


  • Short circuit protection

  • Over charge protect

  • Certified safe battery






  • Wind & Splash Proof Design

  • Battery Notification

  • Butane free


  • 3 mode flashlight

  • can be used up to 300 times with single charge

  • full charge in only 1.5 hours


  • 30 functional COB LED lights

  • Up to 300 uses after a single charg

  • Dual arc ignition design


  • Windproof and Splashproof Design

  • Lasts 600 times on a single charge

  • Auto stop beyond 10 seconds per igniting


  • Upgraded 4 LED battery lights

  •  Battery lasts over 600 charges

  •  7 seconds automatic power-off protection

9 Best Electric lighters for survival

1. SUPRUS Electric Lighter

Unlike disposable lighters, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter is one of the best electric lighter that acts as a marvel that can be recharged via USB easily. It also features a safety lock mechanism to prevent ignition. This versatile tool is perfect, for lighting candles firing up the BBQ, and adding excitement to your camping trips.

Campers can finally bid farewell to the frustrations of trying to start fires in these conditions. 

Even though it’s a bit expensive electric lighter, the windproof construction guarantees performance and its rechargeable feature helps reduce waste making it a great friendly option, for sustainable camping.

It has a safety lock mechanism that ensures safety while you’re, on the go. In conditions, this lighter performs reliably with its windproof design. Another great feature is its versatility for camping tasks like lighting candles or BBQs.


  • Simply plug it in and recharge no need to buy lighters.
  • Prevents accidental ignition. Keeps you safe during transportation.
  • Performs reliably in weather conditions.


  • You may need to recharge it during extended camping trips.
  • Costlier than disposable lighters.

2. MEIRUBY Candle Lighter

With its gold design, the MEIRUBY Electric Candle Lighter is perfect for lighting candles and catering to BBQ enthusiasts. It can be used in various situations ensuring you’re always ready for any adventure.

Campers can enjoy the touch this brings while illuminating their campsite. Its versatility is that it serves both candlelit dinners and feasts making it an essential companion for camping trips.

In comparison, the MEIRUBY Candle Lighter is another option among lighters. Its stylish design adds elegance and ambience to your camping experiences while providing ignition capability. It’s also convenient enough, for camping scenarios.


  • It’s a tool that caters to situations whether it’s lighting candles or BBQs.
  • You can rely on its hassle-free ignition, for a camping experience.
  • Enhances the ambience of your campsite creating an atmosphere.


  • As, with any device some maintenance may be needed over time. In considering some limitations particularly when it comes to camping trips and the usability of the product when buying always consider the durability and maintenance need of the product.

3. ULMCULM Electric Lighter

The ULMCULM is one of the cool Electric Lighters that features dual arc technology, an LED battery indicator, and a sleek black finish. Its compact size makes it a trendy fire-starting tool loved by candle enthusiasts and campfire lovers alike.

Get a fire starter that also adds style to their gear. The dual arc technology ensures ignition while the LED battery indicator keeps you informed about power levels during camping adventures.

With dual arc technology for reliable ignition, an LED battery indicator for power level awareness, and a sleek black finish, it’s a compact and trendy fire-starting tool beloved by both candle enthusiasts and campfire lovers. 


  • Dual Reliable ignition with dual arc technology.
  • LED Battery Indicator, keeps you informed about power levels.
  • Adds style to your gear with its sleek black finish.
  • Easy to carry and loved by candle enthusiasts.


  • Potential Wear and Tear: Like any device, signs of use over time are expected.

4. SURPLUS Electric Candle Rechargeable Lighter

The SURPLUS Electric Candle Rechargeable Lighter offers an LED battery display and a safety switch, for ignition. It’s perfect, for enjoying BBQ gatherings and watching fireworks providing a sense of security during activities.

Outdoor enthusiasts can rely on this cool electric lighter to work consistently well during BBQ parties and firework displays. The LED battery indicator ensures they won’t unexpectedly run out of power enhancing the camping experience.

It features an LED battery display and a safety switch for ignition, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities such as BBQ gatherings and firework displays, providing added security. Due to these reasons, Surplus is considered one of the cool electric lighter for camping purposes.


  • LED Battery Display: Keeps you updated on power levels.
  • Safety Switch for Ignition control.
  • Perfect for outdoor gatherings and fireworks.
  • Reliable performance for your camping adventures.


  • Power longevity is compromised because of the LED light feature always bear in mind when buying this product.

5. Extremus Blaze 360 Rechargeable best Electric Lighter 

Being one of the good electric lighters, it is designed to withstand wind and water. It even comes with a whistle lanyard for safety. It’s meant to elevate events making it an excellent companion for camping trips, survival situations, or hikes.

You can have confidence in this lighter regardless of the weather conditions they face. Whether it’s gusty winds or rain showers, its durability and waterproof feature guarantee that they can always ignite their campfires keeping spirits high throughout their camping adventures.


  • Dual Functionality: Combines a lighter with a built-in flashlight
  • Bright and Efficient: Features 30 COB LED lights for all-in-one lighting solutions.
  • USB Rechargeable: Convenient USB Type C rechargeability.


  • Since it’s designed to withstand weather conditions the design options are limited and you may want to consider other options if you want a vast range of options of designs.

6. Extremus Blaze 360 Flash Lighter

 A tool that combines a lighter with a built-in flashlight. This cool electric lighter offers versatility for campers engaged in activities like camping, hiking, or other outdoor escapades. With its 30 COB LED lights and easy USB Type C rechargeability it becomes an all-in-one lighting solution.

Whether people need to start a fire to light up their path in the dark or enhance safety during adventures this lighter has got them covered.

The Extremus Blaze 360 Flash Lighter stands out as one of the lighters due, to its dual functionality. It combines a lighter with a built-in flashlight making it a versatile tool for campers who enjoy activities such, as camping and hiking.


  • Designed to withstand wind and water ensuring reliability in any weather condition.
  • Comes equipped with a whistle attached to a lanyard.


  • The design of the built-in flashlight may affect the compatibility of the product and may seem to be bulky at times.

7. MEIRUBY Black Candle Lighter

Being the safest electric lighter, this reliable tool is perfect, for lighting candles camping trips, and BBQ sessions. Its sleek black design adds a touch of sophistication to any fire-related task.

Campers will appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of this beauty. It excels at tasks ensuring hassle experiences during camping trips and BBQ gatherings while adding an elegant touch to their gear.

So whether you’re planning a camping trip organizing a campfire or simply adding ambiance with candlelight these Best electric lighters are your trusted companions, for comfortable camping. Stay lit. Stay safe on your outdoor adventure!


  • Sleek Black Design: Adds a touch of sophistication when it comes to ignition tasks.
  • With its sleek design, it’s compact and easy to carry around which is designed for on-the-go persons.


  • Since It’s sleek and compact it lacks features like a flashlight and LED lights.

8. Electric Arc Lighter

This powerful lighter is rechargeable via USB. Features a stylish design that combines functionality with flair. No matter the weather conditions it guarantees a flame. 

Say goodbye to moments with lighters on days! This lighter ensures a flame and its contemporary design serves as a great conversation starter that reflects your sensibilities.

While it offers a flame in all weather conditions, users should be mindful of battery life and access to charging sources for longer camping trips.


  • USB Rechargeable: Convenient USB recharging option. 
  • Weatherproof Flame: Ensures a flame, in all weather conditions.


  • Charging requirement since it requires access to a charging source for recharging and ensures longer use so you can check other options if you want longer usability.

9. Candle Lighter 

This USB rechargeable lighter is perfect, for camping trips, lighting candles, aromatherapy sessions, and BBQs alike. Enjoy the convenience of its design.

When camping lighting candles is made easy in to reach spots thanks to the flexible 360° neck. With the LED display they can always keep track of the power level ensuring they’re prepared for any camping task.

These electric lighter are better and perfect for purposes such as lighting candles enjoying aromatherapy sessions going on camping trips and having BBQs. Its design offers convenience particularly when lighting candles in to reach spots thanks to its 360° neck. To ensure preparedness during camping tasks the LED display helps users keep track of the power level.


  • The 360° neck is prone to wear and tear so if you’re clumsy you should consider other options.

Using an Electric Lighter for Camping Trips:

1. Igniting Campfires

One of the purposes of using a lighter during camping is to ignite your campfire effortlessly. Whether you’re cooking meals, staying warm, or simply enjoying the ambiance having a lighter can make the process much easier.

Windproof models are particularly useful as they maintain a flame, in challenging conditions.

2. Cooking and Grilling

If you plan on cooking over a flame or using a camping stove electric lighters provide ignition without the risk of burning your fingers.

They serve as a more convenient option compared to matches or lighters when it comes to preparing meals in the great outdoors.

3. Lighting Camping Lanterns

Camping lanterns are crucial, for illuminating the campsite during nighttime. Electric lighters with necks are a choice for safely and easily igniting the wick of a camping lantern eliminating the need for matches or potentially hazardous alternatives.

4. Creating a Candlelit Atmosphere

For those who appreciate a romantic camping ambience electric lighters are a tool for lighting candles. They provide a controlled and windproof flame ensuring that your candle remains lit on evenings.

5. Emergency Situations

Electric lighters also come in during emergency situations, or on camping trips. They can be utilized to ignite signal fires, emergency flares, or other necessary devices if the need arises.

Their dependability can be a lifesaver when encountering obstacles, in the wilderness. Electric lighters have become tools for camping due to their convenience, reliability, and versatility.

When used correctly they can greatly enhance your camping experience by providing an efficient way to handle tasks at the campsite while minimizing harm to the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will the battery of an electric lighter typically last, during a camping trip?

The battery life of a lighter can vary depending on usage. Most electric lighters can last for weeks on a charge when regularly used during a camping trip. 

However high capacity models may last longer. If you plan on going on a camping adventure it’s advisable to bring a charger.

2. Can I use a lighter to start a campfire when it’s windy?

Absolutely! Electric lighters, models are specifically designed to work effectively even in gusty winds. Their advanced technology ensures an ignition of the flame making them a valuable tool, for starting campfires in challenging weather conditions.

3. Are lighters safe for cooking on a camping stove and lighting a camping lantern?

Yes, electric lighters are completely safe for lighting camping stoves, lanterns, and other camping equipment. They have controlled flames and safety features like locks that make them a reliable choice for tasks at the campsite that require precision and safety.

4. How do electric lighters work? 

It works by using a rechargeable battery to generate a high electric power between two electrodes. When you push a button, the ignition creates a spark that can flame up materials like candles, cigarettes, or campfires.

5. Are electric lighters allowed on planes? 

Yes, Electric lighters are generally allowed on planes in carry-on luggage, but it’s always best to check with your airline and follow their specific rules. 

6. Are electric lighters dangerous? 

They are safer than traditional lighters because they don’t have a flame that can accidentally burn you or start fires. However, like any electronic device, mishandling or overcharging can pose risks, so use them responsibly.

7. Are electric lighters better for the environment? 

Yes, They can be better for the environment in the long run because they are rechargeable and produce no disposable plastic waste like disposable lighters. However, their environmental impact also depends on the source of electricity used for charging.

Choose the Cool Electric Lighter for your Camping

The 2023 Electric Lighter collection has transformed camping by offering campers reliable, eco-friendly tools for starting fires and enhancing their adventures.

These lighters come with a variety of features that cater to camping needs ensuring that campers can enjoy hassle-secure experiences in nature.

So whether you’re planning a camping trip organizing a BBQ feast or simply adding ambiance with candlelight these electric lighters are your trusted companions, for comfortable camping. Stay lit. Stay safe on your outdoor adventure!