9 Best Camping Video Games You Shouldn’t Miss Playing

For outdoor enthusiasts who can’t spend every moment in a tent under the stars, camping video games allow gamers to experience the sights and thrills of nature right from the comfort of home. 

Whether it’s exploring vast forests, fishing tranquil lakes, or even mastering survival skills against the elements, some of the most immersive adventure games recreate backcountry vibes quite realistically. 

This list covers the 10 best camping video games with fun camping themes worth packing for the next gaming getaway.  

List of Camping Video Games For Everyone

1. Animal Crossing (Series)

Animal Crossing

The popular life simulation series Animal Crossing by Nintendo immerses gamers into quaint villages filled with cross-species friends to meet. Amidst all the gardening, fishing, fossil hunting, and home decorating, perhaps the most camping spirit comes from touring islands and sleeping in tents. The latest New Horizons edition even allows crafting outdoor furniture and gaining DIY recipe cards. It’s possible to enhance the camping ambiance by surrounding tents with trees, campfires, and rustic furnishings that celebrate the great outdoors in this free camping video game. 

2. Firewatch


This single-player adventure indie thriller involves playing a fire lookout named Henry in the Shoshone National Forest wilderness in 1989. The rich pine forest and mountainous Wyoming backdrop set a wonderful scene as gamers uncover secrets about strange occurrences across the backcountry. Phone calls from Delilah, another lookout watchman, add enriching dialogue. The immersive sights and sounds exploring Wyoming’s brush evoke the isolating feeling of camping alone in the woods making it a great pick among camping games for adults.

3. Lake


Developed by Gamious, Lake builds strong indie gaming vibes around delivering mail in beautiful Providence Oaks while relaxing by the lake. As Meredith Weiss, players gradually get acquainted with locals around the tranquil town while living out of a small cabin, stargazing and fishing for hours to decompress each day. 

Rustic lodges, thick birch tree forests, and rocky bluffs encapsulate forest camping wonderfully. With no need for conflict, it exudes cozy, carefree summer camp nostalgia. Also, if you’re a sucker for scenic camping spots, here’s a list of the 16 most beautiful camping sites in Wisconsin

4. Breath of the Wild (The Legend of Zelda: BotW)

Breath of the Wild

This renowned fantasy action-adventure series is one of the best video games for camping with friends. However, 2017’s open-world Breath of the Wild release took the franchise to new heights with boundless gameplay revealing more of Hyrule’s meadows, villages and snow peaked summits. Link can now hunt, cook over an open flame, and craft equipment while battling monsters across changing weather conditions and terrain. Seeking shelter in secluded ruins makes one feel dependent on their survival skills against the elements just like real camping.

5. Valheim 


This expansive multiplayer Viking survival game challenges you to fight mythological beasts across procedurally generated biomes while advancing skills and Viking weaponry. While the combat and village building are exceptional, the rugged environments spanning mystical forests, valleys, and fatal swamps make it equally exciting. Harsh weather conditions force gamers to regularly craft shelters, campfires, and beds to survive the night. The result is an atmospherically beautiful Norse wilderness worth braving.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar’s award-winning prequel adventure western transports players back to 1899’s rugged Heartland and Frontier region landscapes modeled after the American Midwest. Beyond its 80+ hour story completion, cowboys and cowgirls can still spend days interacting across rural plains, mountain trails, dense river valleys, and more on horseback or foot. Camping allows kicking back at scenic vistas for some harmonica playing, whisky sipping, wild game cooking, horse bonding, and starry night skies by the fire. 

7. Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 brings together realistic physics simulation driving through vibrant, ever-changing weather across Mexico’s Pacific coast, beaches, rainforests, and deserts. The invigorating open-world racing landscapes are beyond gorgeous and full of wildlife. While not a proper camping game, creative gamers, and the EventLab sandbox mode allow generating amazing camping scenarios. Imagine parking iconic campervans at Sierra Caballo Lake for lakeside views or Ziplining across Guanajuato’s steep ravines before sitting around a campfire under the stars.  

8. Minecraft


Minecraft by Mojang Studios is one of the most popular mobile camping games that simulates adventurous 3D world-building by gathering resources and crafting shelters for survival. With over 140 biomes crafting everything from deserts to jungles to ice spikes biomes, the environments are ideal for wilderness camping-themed constructions. Some servers are even dedicated to recreational vehicle parks. Gathering with friends in massive server worlds around campfires inside custom cabin getaways ups the outdoorsy fun.

9. The Long Dark

The Long Dark

If you’re looking for camping survival games then this first-person survival simulation challenges gamers to navigate remote Northern Canadian wilds ravaged by disaster and winter extremes. Blizzards, wildlife attacks, and sustainably scavenging food and firewood make every decision intense by balancing health, rest, and resource management. While unforgivably harsh at times, the picturesque abandoned towns, dynamic weather, and rich coniferous forests capture an incredible atmosphere ideally suited for virtual camping when gameplay gets too daunting.  

Our Final Words

Some of the most scenic virtual camping experiences hide across popular gaming landscapes not always designed as camping games outright. Still, their rich details and freedom often lend themselves to exciting outdoor recreation gameplay possibilities.

Wandering across their mountains, valleys, and forests while managing survival challenges brings rewarding immersion. It still may need to perfectly emulate waking within an actual backcountry campsite or RV park grounds. But gamers longing for their next real-world camping adventure can still earn wonderful stopgap memories enjoying outdoor ambiance through the screen.