10 Best Bars in Chelsea NYC For Night Fun

Best bars in Chelsea

Chelsea is a Manhattan neighborhood with a perfect blend of sophisticated art galleries, high-fashion retailers, and – my personal favorite – outstanding bars. From whiskey hubs to gin parlors, there’s a watering hole for every type of drinker in this part of town. So, buckle up, and let’s get on a Manhattan-sized bar crawl, featuring some of the best bars in Chelsea, NYC.

10 Best Bars in Chelsea New York

1. The Flatiron Lounge For Cocktail

The Flatiron Lounge

By The Flatiron Room NoMad

Now, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Flatiron? Clever name for an ironing shop.’ And you wouldn’t be wrong! However, The Flatiron Lounge cannot be mistaken as anything but a classy cocktail hotspot. There’s an air about this place—vintage, perhaps—that exudes appeal. Their cocktail list is a poetic blend of spirits and spices, with a bonus of delightful servers contributing spectacularly well to the customer experience. Their signature martinis are dreamy.

2. The Old Town Bar

The Old Town Bar

By Local Guide Paul Vetrano

The Old Town Bar – now there’s a place that brings back memories. This spot is an oldie but goldie retelling stories of the Prohibition era. Frankly speaking, stepping in here is like traveling back in time when drinks were clandestine and all loved the jazz. You’d hardly find a bar that still radiates that intoxicating vibe from the ’20s. They have an ingenuous wooden bar railway set up making it our top pick among the fun bars in Chelsea. 

3. Bathtub Gin Cocktail Bar

Bathtub Gin

Michael Gorelik

Are you as ‘gin-curious’ as I am? Bathtub Gin, hidden behind a coffee shop façade, serves up some of the most Instagram-worthy gin cocktails making it the best cocktail bar in Chelsea. From their namesake bathtub centerpiece to their Victorian décor—it’s a sea of aesthetic pleasure. Plus, their gin and tonics, I assure you, are far from what your grandmother drank!

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4. Fine & Rare

Step into a time capsule of old-world charm and refinement when you visit Fine & Rare. With floor-to-ceiling shelves stocked with a definite selection of fine spirits and a deep-seated love for jazz, it’s the perfect place for a laid-back night on the town. Their whiskey? As legendary as the tales penned by Ernest Hemingway. This place, speaks to the soul.

5. Morrell Wine Bar & Café in Chelsea

Morrell Wine Bar & Café

If you thought the wine was a serious affair, let Morrell Wine Bar loosen up those notions. With a wine list as long as the Nile and a cheese platter that compliments each swirl, this place plays matchmaker to your palate’s desires. The art of wine-and-food pairing? They’ve turned it into a science.

6. The Flatiron Room

The Flatiron Room

The Flatiron Room Nomad

Flatiron Room is a tribute to all things whiskey. Their collection indicates an adventure through Scottish glens, Irish fields, and American cornfields. The pièce de résistance? A plethora of whiskey-tasting classes and their melodious jazz tunes. Now that’s what I call a harmonious duet!

7. Raine’s Law Room

Raine's Law Room


Void of flashing neon signs, Raine’s Law Room remains Chesterfield’s best-kept secret. The feel? It’s a clandestine speakeasy from the Prohibition era that offers you stiff cocktails you’d want to whisper about. Drama, mystique, and phenomenal cocktails – this intimate spot ticks all the right boxes!

8. The Tippler Best Cocktail Bar

The Tippler

Nestled beneath Chelsea Market, The Tippler is quite the hidden gem. Like a mash-up of Willy Wonka’s Factory and Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders, the place is an absolute treasure trove of cocktail creations. It’s a spirited escapade that allows you to discover your most fanciful cocktail trends.

9. The Campbell

The Campbell

By The Campbell

Taking ‘drinking in style’ to a new level, The Campbell makes you feel like you are part of a grand Gatsby-like soiree (minus the chaos). What was once John W. Campbell’s private office is now a lavish, history-filled place where cocktail enthusiasts flock. Their signature cocktails? As alluring as the jewel-toned stained glass windows! The Campbell is an affordable option if you’re looking for some cheap bars in Chelsea. 

10. Please Don’t Tell

Please Don't Tell

A journey to Please Don’t Tell begins in an unassuming phone booth and ends up in a cozy, dimly lit ambiance. The irony? This ‘secret’ place is a hot spot for cocktail lovers city-wide. Points for the dramatic entry, the cocktails, and the yummy hotdogs.

Our Final Words 

To all the spirited adventurers out there, Chelsea, with its parade of eclectic and compelling bars, offers a rollercoaster ride through an ocean of taste and history. Whether you crave the illicit thrills of a good cocktail bar or long for that classic whiskey in hand, this neighborhood has something for every age group and palate. These best bars in Chelsea are perfect to quench your alcoholic thirst!