11 Best Bars in Fort Lauderdale, FL For Hangouts

best bars in Fort Lauderdales

Fort Lauderdale, the Venice of America, is popular not only because of its exquisite beaches or impressive shopping destinations but also because of something that offers energy and exhilaration after the sun goes down – its vibrant nightlife. The Fort Lauderdale bars and restaurants offer the perfect setting to unwind after a long day basking in the Florida sun. Each bar displaying its unique character promises fun-filled experiences that leave you wanting more.

An excellent bar is more than just a place that serves your favorite drink. It’s about the atmosphere, the crowd, the music, and of course, the quality and variety of the drinks. A good bar creates a vibe that lets you escape the ordinary and live in the moment, and Fort Lauderdale has plenty of such bars.

11 Best Fort Lauderdale Bars For Hangouts

1. The Laser Wolf

Fort Lauderdale's

Jaime Montero

This place isn’t your traditional bar. The Laser Wolf takes pride in its art-filled interiors and prides itself on serving a variety of craft beers. Whether you’re a fan of lagers, ales, or ciders, the Laser Wolf has it all. And if you start to feel peckish, their food trucks serving delicious bites are at your service. The Laser Wolf is one of the more fun bars of Fort Lauderdale owing to its hipster, rock grunge style interiors and awesome food pop-up trucks!

2. Riverside Market Café

Riverside Market Café

by Mark Impemba Local Guide

Keeping it casual is the Riverside Market Café with over 500 choices of bottled beers. Yes, you heard it right. Their beer selection is massive, and in case you’re overwhelmed by the choices, their friendly staff will help guide you. With the largest beer collection and the perfect American-style pizzas to complement your drink, the Riverside Market Cafe is a top pick among the best Fort Lauderdale bars. 

3. Tap 42 Fort Lauderdale Bar

Tap 42

By Orlando Epps

Touting itself as a gastro pub, Tap 42 is indeed a delightful medley of drinks and delicious food. It offers an impressive number of craft beers, and its cocktail selection is something that will surely hit the spot. The beautifully tented outdoor area makes for a great atmosphere on pleasant evenings. With its exceptional service and staff, the Tap 42 is one of our favorite bars in Fort Lauderdale

4. Wine Watch Downtown Ft Lauderdale Bar

Wine Watch

By Leny Local Guide

Are you a wine connoisseur? At the Wine Watch, you will find an exceptional collection of top-quality wines coupled with a cozy atmosphere. They host tasting events, allowing you to sample various wines and learn about each one’s unique characteristics. If you can’t visit a vineyard, go to Wine Watch, one of the most popular downtown Fort Lauderdale bars. 

5. Lagniappe- High Rated Lauderdale Bar


By Joe Local Guide

The unique blend of live music, excellent wines, and a comforting homely setting makes Lagniappe a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Their backyard is the perfect place to enjoy a wonderful evening under the Florida skies. Since this bar is located in Miami, there are several beaches surrounding the place. The Lagniappe is one of the most highly rated Fort Lauderdale bars on the beach.

6. The Poorhouse

The Poorhouse

By Brando Garcia-Rovai Local Guide

Live music, good drinks, and a lively crowd – that’s the Poorhouse for you. They host local bands regularly, keeping the atmosphere electric with foot-tapping tunes. The Poorhouse is a great pick among the best Fort Lauderdale bars, if you’re looking for something affordable and rustic.

7. Culture Room

Culture Room

By Kat Atonik Local Guide

A perfect spot for music lovers, the Culture Room combines great live performances with a top-notch bar. What’s better than enjoying your favorite drink while listening to an amazing live band? Also, there’s a new band playing every week, so if you keep up with their updates, you might get a chance to listen to your favorite singers!

8. Blue Martini

Blue Martini

By David Forbes Local Guide

With a sophisticated setting, Blue Martini offers a variety of martinis served by a professional and friendly staff. Regular live music adds to its vibrant energy, making it a great place to spend an evening. They also have some great food options that go well with the fancy cocktails. The lamb chops are my personal favorite!

9. Stache Drinking Den Downtown Lauderldale Bar

Stache Drinking Den

By Stache Drinking Den

Inspired by the 1920s speakeasies, Stache Drinking Den brings you hand-crafted cocktails in a unique setting. Their performances range from music gigs to burlesque shows, offering you an unforgettable experience. Their outdoor sitting area gives you an amazing view of Fort Lauderdale downtown. This place has a more mellow vibe where you can talk and enjoy the music at the same time.  

10. Apothecary 330 Cocktail Bar

Apothecary 330

By Apothecary 330 – A Cocktail Bar

Step back in time with Apothecary 330, a place with a vintage ambiance and an extensive drink menu. Whether you’re a whiskey lover or an absinthe enthusiast, they have something in store for you. As the name suggests, the bartenders are expert mixologists so you can trust them with the most complex drink requests!

11. Bar Rita

Bar Rita

By Kevin Schmidt Local Guide

Revamping the bar experience, the Bar Rita serves amazing Mexican food accompanied by a fabulous variety of drinks from its two-level bar. The bar also hosts Taco Tuesdays with the most unique taco options at very cheap prices. The rooftop seating provides great views and is an ideal place to enjoy their famous tequila shots.

Our Final Words

Every bar in Fort Lauderdale is unique in its own way. Whether it is the number of beers on offer, the exquisitely crafted cocktails, or the live bands, each bar has something special that won’t let you forget your night out in Fort Lauderdale. But always remember, a fun night is a responsible night, so drink but don’t drive. So, next time you swing by Fort Lauderdale’s unique bars, have fun, taste the drinks, and imbibe the ambiance, but most importantly, do it responsibly.