6 Best Bars in Houston You Must Try

High & Dry bar in houston

The significance of bars in Houston stretches beyond just a pint of beer; they are an essential part of the city’s vibrant and dynamic culture, often acting as a haven for the diverse community to unwind, socialize, and enjoy the best bars in Houston for young adults. 

This article will take you bar hopping (virtually, of course) through Houston’s bustling nightlife and uncover the top 5 both old and new bars in Houston that you must bookmark for your next visit. Hold onto your cowboy hats, things are about to get tipsy!

6 top bars in Houston you must try

1. Anvil Bar & Refuge Houston Bar

Anvil Bar & Refuge Bar Houston

By Local Guide: Neo Chavez

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Montrose, Anvil Bar & Refuge offers more than your average night on the tiles. With its warm, rustic interior manifesting a balance of grit and glamour and a drink menu that reads like a novel, this bar will intrigue even the most discerning of night owls.

But what sets Anvil Bar & Refuge apart? It’s their commitment to making handcrafted cocktails with utmost precision and creativity that truly strikes.

Having walked a mile in the customer’s shoes, or rather, sipped a cocktail in their glass, I can assure you, that their charm isn’t just surface-deep. Don’t miss out on their famous Brave cocktail—a delectable concoction of Mezcal, Amaro Averna, curacao, and lime. Keep at this top of your list if you’re looking for upscale bars in Houston.

2. Eight Row Flint Bar in Houston

Eight Row Flint Bar

By Reed2d2

Immersed within the bustling hub of Houston Heights, Eight Row Flint, is the embodiment of relax-revel-repeat. This unconventional whiskey bar and taco truck hybrid has been a game-changer in the local bar scene.

Eight Row Flint’s distinctiveness lies in its icehouse tradition, paying homage to Texas’s history—also, the whiskey. Let’s talk about their whiskey! With a dedicated whiskey lab, their impressive range of whiskey flights is worth exploring, especially for bourbon enthusiasts.

My personal experience there can be dialed down to three words: Whiskey, Tacos, and Bliss. Try their mouthwatering Brisket Tacos with one of their specially curated whiskey cocktails for an unforgettable experience. What’s not to love about a good ol’ whiskey-taco combo of the cool bars in Houston?

3. High & Dry Bar Rooftop Bar

High & Dry Bar

By Local Guide: Justin Peters

As its name cheekily indicates, the High & Dry bar ensures you’ll be anything but dry. Perched atop a 1920s downtown building, this is one of the best rooftop bars in Houston and guarantees a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline, one sip at a time.

The exclusive aspect of the High & Dry bar? Beyond the incredible view, it’s the rooftop that steals the limelight. Coupled with their delicious cocktails, this bar exudes a free-spirited ambiance that compels you to unwind and enjoy the city’s glow.

If you’re in for some insider recommendations; try their Spicy Paloma cocktail and bask in the bar’s relaxed vibe as you watch the city come alive after dusk. The High and Dry Bar has been a constant among the best bars in Houston, downtown.

4. Poison Girl – Young Adult Bar

Poison Girl bar houston

By Local Guide: Andy Moore

Don’t get thrown off by the name, Poison Girl is indeed a treasure concealed in the heart of Montrose. With quirky features like a massive Kool-Aid Man figure and an eclectic range of pinball machines, this is among the best bars in Houston for young adults. 

The uniqueness of Poison Girl extends beyond its name and into the experience it offers. This bar highlights Texas-produced spirits and beers, making it a celebration of local brews.

Just between you and me, their patio—dressed with vintage furniture and oddball novelties—is a perfect oasis to enjoy their thirst-quenching cocktails and craft beers.

5. Lei Low Bar

Lei Low Bar houston

Local Guide: Dayna C. Sanders

For a taste of the tropics in Houston, Lei Low Bar has you covered. This Tiki-themed bar in the Heights area has carved out a niche for itself with tiki-tastic decor and rum-based drinks served in kitschy glassware making it one of the most unique bars in Houston.

Lei Low Bar’s novelty lies in keeping the tiki tradition alive, offering a playful yet refined escape from the city’s bustling life. Their curated selection of rum, from golden to dark and everything in between, will make the rum lover in you do a little happy dance.

I urge you to try their Zombie cocktail, rum-heavy and potent, it’s a tiki classic not to be missed. Remember, Lei Low is all about embracing the laid-back island vibe.

Our Final Words

Houston’s bar scene is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. Whether it’s the crafted cocktails of Anvil Bar & Refuge, the whiskey-taco duo of Eight Row Flint, the scenic charm of High & Dry Bar, the quirky allure of Poison Girl, or the tropical escape of Lei Low Bar, each bar promises a different and unique traversal through the best bars in Houston.

The best bars in Houston, Texas offer a distinct perspective and experience of the city’s nightlife, each carving out their niche and embodying the vibrant spirit of Houston—one drink at a time.