9 Best Bars in Louisville For Everyone

Best Bars in Louisville

There’s something really special about Louisville – and no, I’m not just referring to its world-renowned bourbon. Sure, being the unofficial bourbon capital of the world comes with perks, but there’s more to Louisville’s nightlife than just barrels of the good stuff. 

Let’s uncork the fun bars in Louisville, right from the traditional craft cocktail brewery, to gourmet spots. In this extensive listicle, we have included the best bars in Louisville, KY. Pull up a bar stool surrounded by tastefully dark wood paneling, sleek leather seats, hip industrial vibes, and the warm light that bathes it all.

9 Best Bars in Louisville Kentucky for Everyone

1. Brown Hotel Lobby Bar

Brown Hotel Lobby Bar

Image by Brook S Local Guide

Does the phrase ‘old is gold’ resonate with you? If yes, then you’re bound to love Brown Hotel Lobby Bar. Wrapped in tradition and elegance, this bar serves up classic cocktails like a chilled Mint Julep that goes down smoother than silk. Customers can’t help but rave about the rich history, grand architecture, and warm, attentive, service that is quintessentially Louisville. Locals have called it one of the best bars in Louisville.

2. The Back Door

The Back Door

By Local Guide Alex Rittenhouse

How about enjoying your drink in a laid-back setting, where charisma overflows and conversations come easy? Welcome to The Back Door. I know what you’re thinking, but no, it’s not that kind of back door. It’s the best dive bar in Louisville with a unique flair. Expect pool tables (free on Sundays, yay!), dartboards, karaoke, and the legendary Back Door Margarita that’s just the right balance of tart and sweet. All of these wonderful things work so well together, making it one of the most popular bars in Louisville, KY.

3. Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar

Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar

By Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar

If you are looking for the best bourbon bars in Kentucky, then Jockey Silks is your sanctuary. Housing over 150 bourbons, it’s an essential stop on the Urban Bourbon Trail. Here, you can sip traditional Kentucky favorites while getting lost in the interesting history of racing with easter eggs in every nook and cranny. Customers claim it’s like tasting something out of an old Kentucky tale, full of charm and authenticity. So if you are looking for the coolest bars in Louisville Downtown, then head down here!

4. Meta New Bar in Louisville


By Sean Motise

Like a magician with a hat full of surprises, Meta pulls out some of the most inventive cocktail receptions Louisville has witnessed. Nestled amidst gorgeous Art Deco surroundings, Meta pushes cocktail boundaries with concoctions that entertain, perplex, and utterly delight the senses. Their “Lucky Lemonade,” customers call it, is a show stopper. It is one of the most happening new bars in Louisville.

5. Proof on Main Fun Bar

Image by Proof on Main

When it comes to the fun bars of Louisville, then Proof on Main will surely be mentioned. Humming with artsy verve, Proof on Main infuses art and dining to create a sensory journey. With a hotshot mixology team stirring up divinely whimsical and unique cocktails, it’s no wonder it was voted one of “Best Bars in America” by Esquire. The Strawberry Field cocktail usually has everyone waxing lyrical about its delicate burst of flavors.

6. Against The Grain Brewery College Bar

Against The Grain Brewery

By Wayne Reno Local Guide

Against The Grain lives true to its name. It’s a brewery that never repeats a beer recipe! With brews constantly rotating, this place has become a beer Mecca in Louisville. Their smoky stout “Mac FannyBaw” has patrons gushing with praise, claiming it’s as dark and intriguing as a dense forest moonlight. In recent years, it has gained popularity as the best college bars in Louisville. 

7. Gravely Brewing Co

Gravely Brewing Co

By Local Guide Will Rieske

Gravely Brewing Co. offers a distinctive brew experience filled with music. They churn out world-class sours and IPAs while serving up live tunes, making it an irresistible haunt for beer lovers and music enthusiasts alike. The ‘Dad Jokes’ IPA is a firm crowd favorite, touted as a perfect blend of hoppy and hazy. If you are looking for the best sports bar in Louisville. Did you know Chicago has some great craft beer spots as well? Here’s a list of the best bars in Chicago for the next time you fancy a unique beer!

8. Mile Wide Beer Co

Mile Wide Beer Co

By Local Guide Phil Trotter

Step into Mile Wide Beer Co., dazzled by their vibrant craft beer and whimsical take on beer-naming. Infusing quality ingredients with ingenuity, their brews sing with flare. The ‘Brabble’ beer, a customer favorite, will have you raving about its lovely piney, citrus notes, long after your visit.

9. Jack Fry’s

Jack Fry's

By Jack Fry’s

Appearing straight out of a 40’s magazine, Jack Fry’s wows with its signature culinary cocktails and gourmet delights. Their enchanting dining experience, nestled amidst jazz tunes and delectable “Bourbon Shrimp”, is a testament to Louisville’s gastronomic evolution.

Our Final Words

With this, we come to an end to our list of the best bars in Louisville. You can begin bar hopping with the time-honored classics at some of the traditional bars. Then it’s a good idea to transition to more fancy craft cocktail bars. 

Next, Dial it down with the relaxing vibes of classic brewery bars, and end on a high note with the sophisticated gourmet bars. When it comes to the nightlife in Louisville – expect the unexpected, remain open to spontaneity, and above all, enjoy the authentic atmosphere.