The 12 Best Bars in Salt Lake City 2023

Best Bars in Salt Lake City

Hello there, fellow traveler, Utah enthusiast, or perhaps just a curious wanderer. Welcome to my extensive guide to the best bars in Salt Lake City for adults. By the time you finish reading it, you should be prepped, primed, and practically bursting out of your shoes to hit the nightlife in this beautiful city. So, let’s dive in, one sip at a time.

The 12 top bars in Salt Lake City

1. The Bayou

Just a stone’s throw from downtown, The Bayou is a world filled with rich flavors and eclectic sounds. Shrouded under the alluring scent of Creole and Cajun spices, The Bayou offers a plethora of brew options. With over 300 beer varieties, beer is the king in this downtown Salt Lake City bar. 

The local Belgian Tripel, rich in its yeasty goodness, is a must-try for all beer aficionados, while Ziggy Stardust, a quirky fusion of fruit beer and mead, provides a unique experience. I’m drooling just thinking about the best cocktail bar in Salt Lake City!

Swing through the large, ornate wooden doors, and your senses are suddenly swept into a bustling beer sanctuary. The old-school New Orleans vibe, coupled with the rhythm of the blues humming in the background, is intoxicating—let alone the beer. The Bayou is one of the best clubs in Salt Lake City and attracts beer geeks, fun seekers, gastronomes—you name it!

2. Whiskey Street

One glance at their menu, and you’ll be amazed at the depth and breadth of whiskey options available. From the sweet-spicy notes of Basil Hayden’s Bourbon to the rich, bold intensity of Aberlour Scotch, each whiskey variant promises a unique experience. And that Rye Old Fashioned? It’s a stellar concoction that you’ve probably been dreaming of.

The place feels like you accidentally stumbled into a 19th-century whiskey den—done, thankfully in the most Instagram-friendly way. With a remarkable mix of the old and the new, from the beautifully restored brick wall to the sleek, plush leather booths, Whiskey Street is a visual smorgasbord, making it one of the coolest bars in Salt Lake City.

3. Bar X

No bar-hopping in Salt Lake City would be complete without visiting Bar X. The bartenders here are, I swear, artists in disguise. Their menu is full of timeless classics and plot-twisted originals. Each drink is meticulously crafted, giving importance to even the tiniest details. The Bees Knees, a sweet, sour, and slightly fizzy delight is an absolute winner!

In here, the lighting is dim, the floor is dark wood, and there’s a hushed intimacy that cocoons you. It’s the kind of place where you can enjoy a night out without feeling the need to yell over obnoxious music.

A side note: If you’re looking to meet new people, Bar X is also one of the most popular and best hookup bars in Salt Lake City, Utah!

4. Gracies

Gracies is like your friendly, relentlessly fun-loving neighbor. You can’t help but be drawn in. This goes way beyond the usual bar experience. There are flat screens for sports fanatics and pub quizzes for trivia geeks. But the gem is their “gastropub” menu, brimming with mouth-watering burgers and eccentric pizzas.

The outdoor patio, surrounded by lush greenery, is a blissful escape from the raw Utah summers. There is a calmness here, a serene beauty that you can’t help but appreciate with a chilled beer in hand.

Their twilight garden parties are the stuff of legends, attracting a horde of Cherry-Kolsch-loving locals and beer-curious travelers alike. It’s summertime heaven on Earth, my friends!

5. The Green Pig Pub

Blues, brews, and scrumptious grub. That’s the mantra at The Green Pig Pub. But seriously, is there anything better than a pint of local lager and a pile of half-pound juicy, crispy nachos? I doubt it. The Green Pig Pub has a finely curated selection of drinks and mouth-watering pub food that is simply irresistible.

If you’re looking for rooftop bars in Salt Lake City, you cannot miss visiting the Green Pig pub! Their live music scene is on fire. From sultry blues to groovy jazz, there’s always a band playing that’s sure to make your foot tap and your heart surge. It’s a true haven for music lovers.

6. Bourbon House

Well, hello there bourbon lovers, I promise you that this section is going to be a treat! At Bourbon House, the drink of choice is, surprise, bourbon! They’ve got an obstinate and pleasing persistence for all things bourbon which is reflected in their drinks menu. With classics like the smoky and spicy Kentucky Mule and the ingeniously balanced Old Fashioned, you almost wish this amber-hued journey never had to end.

Strategically located at the heart of downtown, the Bourbon House serves as a retreat for both the discerning locals and adventurous tourists. With its eclectic tunes and energetic crowd, it’s the perfect blend of buzz and comfort.

7. Ice Haus

From heart-throbbing hockey games to nail-biting NBA finals, Ice Haus creates one hell of a spirited atmosphere.

With high-definition screens, Ice Haus serves up a stadium-like aura without the overpriced beer. They’ve got game-day deals that are out of this world–yummy jumbo wings for a buck and local draft for three bucks! Count me in!

Beer-guzzling, jersey-wearing sports fanatics fill up the tavern, radiating an infectious enthusiasm. Even if you’re not the biggest sports fan, the vibes here might make you one.

8. Lake Effect

They’ve got a menu that runs for miles, featuring international cuisines and daring drinks. The bartenders take flair to a whole new level, like in the cocktail named The Beehive–a smokey embodiment of local Utah honey.

Their happening music scene, churning out everything from rock to R&B, ensures you never have a dull moment. It’s the grooviest after-hours hangout in the city.

9. Quarters Arcade Bar

Lights flashing, sounds beeping, drinks clinking – welcome to Quarters Arcade Bar. Quarters Arcade Bar is beer and Pac-Man’s lovechild. With its retro arcade games, pinball machines, and variety of craft beer options, it’s nostalgia dipped in booze and served with a side of laughter.

Vintage video game consoles paint whimsical splashes, offbeat yet charismatic in their appeal. It’s party-central, buzzing with laughter and the erratic symphony of pinballs and game music.

10. Twilite Lounge

Don’t worry, no vampires here (as far as I know)!

Its charm lies in its simplicity. Affordable beers, old-school video games, and a jukebox borrowed straight from the 90s make it a local favorite.

The beer flow, unrestricted by time or price, is beautifully accompanied by the sweet soundtracks of the past. It’s a blissful union of the retro and the modern.

It’s a no-frills bar, with a laid-back vibe that invites you in with a casual wave and then rolls you into its cozy, unpretentious warmth.

11. The Bar in Sugar House

You know you’ve stumbled upon something special when you discover The Bar in Sugar House.

It’s more than a bar, it’s a local institution with community roots. Regular patrons swear by its quirky novelty drinks like the Jalapeño Margarita—sweet and fiery, a bit like the bar’s spirit.

The vibe screams “Come as you are”, allowing you to immerse yourself into the laid-back freedom of Sugar House without any pretenses. Truly, a local treasure.

12. The Garage on Beck

Get ready for a plot twist, my friends. Up next is the top bar in Salt Lake City, constructed in a former car garage! This joint offers the irresistible combo of southern-style barbeque and notorious rock ‘n’ roll nights. Life doesn’t get any better than this as you sip your cold beer and eat that smoked pulled pork while listening to local bands perform!

With mismatched, refurbished decor and a makeshift stage, this spot wears its rustic charms with pride. It’s rugged, it’s unpolished, and it’s genuinely real.

So, there you have it—the ins, outs, ups, and downs of the best bars in Salt Lake City under the starlit skies. Each bar is brimming with its own personality and unique flavor—an exotic platter of local culture, taste, and energy. 

And while I’d love to continue spinning tales of these watering holes, I’ll stop here and encourage you to step out and create your own stories. Get out there, explore these spots, add a few of your own, and never stop experiencing the magic that is the Salt Lake City nightlife.