List of 12 Best Bars in Tampa For Hangout Today

best bars in tampa

Tampa is a beautiful sunny city located in the tropical state of Florida. Known for its picturesque beaches and world-renowned Cuban cigars, Tampa sure knows how to party all day long. 

If you’ve ever wondered what to do in Tampa on a Friday night or any night, we’ve got a complete list of the perfect spots that will not disappoint. Here is all you need to know about the best bars in Tampa: 

12 Best Tampa Bars For Hangout Today

1. The Hub Bar

The Hub Bar

By Ron Carel Local Guide

Irresistible due to its live Blues music and potent drinks, The Hub Bar is a great option among the best bars in Tampa downtown that has been around for over 70 years.

They truly embody the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” with their outside dive bar appearance concealing a fantastic variety of drinks and music inside. If you’re looking for country bars in Tampa with a mysterious old-timey vibe, this place serves classic drinks and appetizers at very affordable prices. 

2. The Sazerac

Aching for that New Orleans feeling in Tampa? Named after the iconic New Orleans cocktail, The Sazerac is a chic lounge adorned with vintage décor, offering a dynamic cocktail list and a relaxing atmosphere.

This place is known for its fancy and fruity cocktail options and a great food menu that includes diverse options like pasta, oysters, shrimp, and cheesy pizzas. They also host happy hours between 4:30 to 6:30 pm from Wednesday through Sunday. 

3. Caddy’s Beach Bar in Tampa

Caddy’s on the Beach

Looking for Tampa bars on the water? Caddy’s on the Beach welcomes you with a cool sea breeze, superb seafood, and delicious drinks. This is a perfect daytime drinking spot and also has a child-friendly area. 

Caddy’s on the Beach offers an authentic beach experience and is among the best bars in Tampa Bay. Some of their most highly rated seafood include shrimp dishes, grilled fish, the grouper sandwich, and some coleslaw that complements all their delicious food. 

4. Whiskey Joe’s

Whiskey Joe's

Scott Carpenter Local Guide

If you’re in the city, you cannot miss the beach bars in Tampa. Whiskey Joe’s is another waterfront bar that gives you the pleasure of drinking your Mojitos with your feet in white sand while enjoying the beautiful sunset. 

The place has rustic interiors and a newly expanded deck area, so you can eat by the waves. They have great seafood options, my favorite was the salmon entree, it was better than most up-class places I’ve visited!

5. Sail Pavilion Downtown Tampa bar

Sail Pavilion

Chad McClellan

Outdoor enthusiasts, here’s your stop. Sail Pavilion, an open-air bar on the Tampa Riverwalk, is dog-friendly and offers beautiful views of the Downtown Tampa skyline. You not only get to watch the breathtaking sunset but also the slow sailing boats that add to the relaxing environment. 

The all-day DJ and music go well with their great cocktail and food options. The menu is mostly seafood and some American fast food like fries, wings, and chicken nuggets. 

6. Lowry Parcade

Lowry Parcade

Kody Kozak

Arcades and craft beers are a combination perfect for those who enjoy their drink with a side of nostalgia. Lowry Parcade is a must-stop for those who wish to level up their bar experience with a retro vibe. 

This bar is famous for its beers and cider drinks. This is a perfect place to go with your childhood friends as you enjoy popular 80s arcade games like PACMAN and Tetris! They also host DJ nights on the weekends and have ample outside seating space. 

7. CW’s Gin Joint

CW’s Gin Joint

Daniela Novakoski

A sleek, classy cocktail bar with Gin being the star of the show. CW’s Gin Joint’s roaring Twenties vibe, impeccable service, and unique gin-based cocktails will make you want to take a trip back in time.

This place is perfect for fine dining where you can enjoy your drinks with fresh seafood like shrimp, oysters, and the incredible seafood pasta. They also host frequent jazz nights which goes perfectly with their high-end dining experience. 

8. M. Bird

M. Bird

The M.bird is one of my favorite rooftop bars in Tampa that gives you a bird’s-eye- view of the whole city as you enjoy your drinks. Located at Armature Works, glam up your night at this stylish rooftop lounge, featuring tropical drinks and fresh food. 

The bar doubles as a great brunch spot with scrumptious food options like cheese fondue, mac and cheese, and loaded nachos. They also host DJ nights on the roof if you like to dance a little!

9. Ciro’s


Ciro’s tampa

Step through a hidden entrance into a Prohibition-era-themed speakeasy featuring craft cocktails and small plates delivered in a cozy, clandestine setting. The place is super mysterious and you even need a code word to enter the establishment. 

They have a variety of fast-food options like fries, burgers, and chicken nuggets and also some full meals such as salads and pasta. Ciro’s also offers diverse drink options from cocktails to craft beers.

If you’re bar-hopping in Florida, don’t miss out on the best bars in Fort Lauderdale for great food and exclusive drinks!

10. Cigar City Brewing

Cigar City Brewing

Laura West

If you’re a beer enthusiast, head straight to Cigar City Brewing. They provide a unique variety of artisanal beers brewed with love and pride. Apart from the beers, their food is pretty decent as well. My favorites were the pretzels, chicken sandwiches, and salty chicharrones. 

If you’re visiting Tampa, you cannot miss out on their cigars. The Cigar City Brewery has a variety of different cigars that are freshly rolled to give you the authentic Tampa flavor. 

11. Brew Bus Brewing

Brew Bus Brewing

Shirley Steele Local Guide

Hop on the Brew Bus, a unique experience where you can enjoy a rolling bar while exploring the other breweries around the city. This is definitely my top choice among the best bars in Tampa for singles. 

The bus takes a few stops at popular Tampa attractions, making it a perfect way to party as you go around the city. You can book the bar for private parties such as bachelor’s, birthdays, and wedding after-parties. 

12. Coppertail Brewery

Coppertail Brewery

Michael Sima

Ardent about supporting local products, Coppertail Brewery serves delicious and creative brews in their unique hip, industrial setting. Some of their most unique beer cocktails are the fruity flavored beers, especially the Habanero Pineapple is an excellent choice. 

Besides the drinks, they’re also known for their food. They serve a variety of American burgers along with nachos, fries, crunchy rolls, and classic chicken dishes. 

Our Final Words

The top bars in Tampa are as diverse as they are delightful, with everything from casual beach bars to classy rooftop lounges. However, regardless of which bar you visit, keep in mind that a great night requires responsible drinking. 

There are lots of places in Tampa to enjoy your favorite drink, whether you like craft beer, wine, or old-fashioned. Let’s raise a glass to Tampa’s nightlife and start our journey through the city’s lively and varied bar scene!