11 Best Italy Travel Books to Read Before You Go

Best Italy travel books to read

Have you been daydreaming about strolling through the charming streets of Rome and eagerly planning a real-life Italian escapade? The allure of Italy’s timeless and rich heritage is simply irresistible. 

From the sunny coasts of Amalfi to the inspiring art of Florence, this Mediterranean beauty beckons travelers with its captivating charm and cultural splendor.

If you’re a wanderer at heart or a curious soul seeking to quench your thirst for knowledge, the best Italy travel books hold the key to unlocking the wonders of this remarkable country. 

As you start exploring Italy, whether physically or through the pages of journey books, these best non-fiction travel books will offer invaluable insights and insider knowledge.

Immerse yourself in the vast array of the best travel Italy books in 2023 that delve deep into Italy’s history, geography, and customs with famous travel writers. 

These books not only introduce you to famous landmarks but also unravel the lesser-known gems, allowing you to embrace the true essence of Italy through books that inspire travel adventures.

To satiate your curiosity about this captivating escapade, the best Italy travel books will transport you directly to the heart of this haven. So, let your wanderlust take flight as we explore the magic of Italy, one traveler book at a time.

11 Top Italy travel books to read before you Go

1. Rick Steves Italy Book

First, on our list of travel books about Italy journeys, Rick Steves Italy (2023 Travel Guide) enters as one of the best Italian travel books that promise an enriching journey from the Mediterranean to the Alps. 

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Rick Steves offers comprehensive and fully updated coverage, ensuring you get the most out of your Italian adventure. Unearth top sights and hidden must-visit locations. 

These classic best Italy books take you from iconic landmarks like the Colosseum and Michelangelo’s David to quaint little eateries serving delectable pasta and gelato.

With Rick’s strategically best travel essays, beat the crowds and savor the local culture, whether you’re exploring ancient ruins in Rome or chatting with soccer enthusiasts. 

This guide equips you with vital trip-planning tools, including self-guided walking tours and detailed maps, making your exploration seamless. Navigate the enchanting cities of Venice, Florence, Rome, and more with ease, and rely on the Covid-related travel info for a smooth and safe trip. 

Rick Steves Italy is a top selection among the best Italy Travel Books, blending invaluable insight with humor.

2. Frommer’s Italy (Complete Guide)

The splendors of Italy come to light in Frommer’s Italy (Complete Guide), a top choice among the best Italy books. 

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From a trusted name in best travel books for young adults, this list of best Italy guidebooks has been meticulously re-researched after the pandemic lockdowns, ensuring you experience the country’s wonders with confidence.

Wander through the ancient ruins of Pompeii, revel in the artistic masterpieces of Florence, and meander along the charming canals of Venice. 

From the vineyards of Tuscany to the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, Frommer’s expert authors offer honest recommendations making it a top contender among travel books and bestsellers.

The best Italy travel books by Frommer are packed with full-color photos, helpful maps, and detailed itineraries to tailor your trip. 

Unearth compelling cultural insights to deepen your appreciation of Italy’s history, cuisine, and traditions. Plus, candid reviews of restaurants, sights, and experiences make planning a breeze. 

With accurate and up-to-date information in Frommer’s best Italy Travel Books, this Amazon travel guide has tips on transportation, budget planning, and more.

3. Kids’ Travel Guide – Italy & Rome

The Kids’ Travel Guide – Italy & Rome, is one of the Best Italy Travel Books among children’s books about travel! These types of engaging and educational traveling books for kids are the perfect gift for any child fascinated by Italy or planning a trip to Rome.

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These children’s books about travel keep your kid captivated with fun facts, quizzes, special tasks, coloring pages, and a travel diary to document their adventures. 

From the historical wonders of Rome to the breathtaking Grand Canal of Venice, this book offers an immersive experience of Italy’s treasures.

In times when travel is limited, this travel book for children allows kids to broaden their horizons and learn about different countries and cultures in an interactive way. 

Make it even more exciting with the included poster maps, encouraging kids to dream about future explorations. Fuel your child’s curiosity with the Kids’ Travel Guide series, creating lasting memories with picture books about travel.

4. Rick Steves Rome (2023 Travel Guide)

Rick Steves Rome (2023 Travel Guide), which is often called one of the Best Italy Travel Books, is the best way to get to know the real Rome. With Rick Steves as your expert guide, you can learn about Rome’s long past and lively culture.

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This complete and fully updated travel guide gives you tips on how to make the most of your time and money so you can have a week or more of amazing adventures. 

Find top attractions and secret gems, like the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel, as well as lovely trattorias and gelato shops. Learn about the culture of the area through delicious Italian food.

Rick’s inspirational travel books and advice help you beat the crowds, skip lines, and stay away from tourist traps, which makes your trip easier and more fun. 

Rick Steves Rome gives you the tools you need to explore Central Rome, Vatican City, Trastevere, and beyond, including day trips to other interesting places. 

This is probably the only one among Amazon travel books that have self-guided walking walks, thorough maps, and other useful information.

5. Italy Travel Guide: Discovering the Soul of Italy with Essential Tips for First-Timers 

Looking for the Best Italy Travel Books to uncover the heart and soul of Italy? Look no further than the Italy Travel Guide: Discovering the Soul of Italy with Essential Tips for First-Timers.

A seasoned traveler or setting foot in Italy for the first time, this is the best guidebook and your perfect companion. These best-selling travel books take you on a journey through iconic cities like Rome, Venice, Florence, and Naples.

Indulge in lively restaurants and charming cafes, and explore the breathtaking Tuscan countryside, the enchanting Amalfi Coast, and the captivating islands of Ischia and Procida. 

This guide equips you with practical tips on transportation, accommodations, and safety, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable trip.

Unveil the true essence of Italy with essential information with books about a journey, making this travel guide your ideal pick among the best Italy Travel books.

6. Lonely Planet’s Experience Italy travel guide 

Still, hunting for the Best Italy Travel Books for an authentic experience? look no further than Lonely Planet’s Italy book. 

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This extraordinary guidebook goes beyond the usual tourist spots making it one of the most famous travel guidebooks.

With the help of books for Wanderlust by Lonely Planet, you’ll gain fresh perspectives on Italy’s traditions, values, and modern trends, making your journey more meaningful. 

Get insider tips on festivals, local hangouts, tantalizing food scenes, and breathtaking photo-worthy views. 

The comprehensive selection of maps and beautiful photography will inspire your trip planning. With a seasonal trip planner and practical information on money, transportation, and responsible travel, you’ll have all the tools you need for an incredible adventure through Rome, Florence, Venice, Amalfi Coast, and beyond.

Lonely Planet’s Experience Italy is your top pick among the best Italy Travel Books ensuring your journey is filled with unforgettable moments.

7. Lonely Planet Italy 15 (Travel Guide)

You will find all the wonders of Italy with Lonely Planet Italy 15 (Travel Guide), one of the best Italy travel books available! This up-to-date guide ensures a smooth journey post-2020 COVID-19 outbreak, with verified business openings. 

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Discover Italy’s finest experiences through the new top experiences feature, while the “What’s new” section uncovers trendy spots and cultural highlights. 

The pull-out “Just Landed” card offers essential info like Wi-Fi, ATM, and transport details for a hassle-free arrival. Tailor your trip with highlights, itineraries, and planning tools for families.

Benefit from insider tips, honest reviews, and over 135 maps to navigate Rome, Milan, Tuscany, Sicily, and more. Immerse yourself in Italy’s history, music, wildlife, and cuisine with insightful cultural perspectives. Embrace the perfect best books to read while traveling, only with the famous travel series books by Lonely Planet.

8. Italy Travel Guide by Jake Barone

An unforgettable Italian adventure with “Italy Travel Guide” by travel author Jake Barone. This book is undoubtedly one of the best Italy travel books. You need to catch up on your travel reading before setting foot in Italy’s captivating landscapes and rich history.

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Virtually uncover the hidden gems and iconic landmarks as you traverse the canals of Venice, explore the vineyards of Tuscany, and bask in the beauty of the Amalfi coast. 

Avoid tourist pitfalls with insider tips to outsmart the crowds, skip lines, and save time and money. 

With practical preparation tools, handy maps, and essential phrases to communicate with locals, this pocket-sized guide ensures a smooth journey, leaving you speechless and ready to maximize every moment in the Bel Paese.

9. Moon Southern Italy

Transport yourself in the enigmatic beauty of Southern Italy with “Moon Southern Italy,” our top choice in the best Italy travel books, offering flexible itineraries and expert advice for an unforgettable journey. 

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Catch a glimpse of the pastel rooftops of Positano, the majestic Mount Etna, and more, including Sicily, Puglia, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast. 

Delight in must-see highlights and unique experiences for all seasons, from exploring art museums and historical theaters to hiking along the coastline or taking an off-road Jeep tour with good books to read while traveling. 

Indulge in the region’s best flavors, from fresh seafood at bustling markets to authentic Neapolitan pizza. This comprehensive guide, filled with full-color photos, detailed maps, and helpful resources on COVID-19, ensures you make the most of your Southern Italy adventure, with insider tips from local experts

10. Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy: Secrets To Glamorous Travel 

Disco the secrets to glamorous travel in Italy, even on a not-so-glamorous budget, with “Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy: Secrets To Glamorous Travel (On A Not So Glamorous Budget)”

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As one of the best Italy travel books, this all-in-one guide by Italian travel expert and blogger Corinna Cooke unveils insider tips for creating your dream vacation without breaking the bank.

From booking flights smartly to optimizing your time at famous attractions, Cooke’s step-by-step methods guarantee a stress-free planning experience. Embrace the charm of Italy like a local, savoring hidden gems and local advice for a truly authentic adventure.

“Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy” is the go-to portable travel guide if you’re looking for books to inspire travel.

11. The Rough Guide to Italy

“The Rough Guide to Italy” is one of the ultimate Best Italy Travel Books, offering expertly curated recommendations for every type of traveler. 

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Fully updated post-COVID-19, this comprehensive guide covers the richness and diversity of Italy, from Rome to Sicily, with detailed color-coded maps and time-saving itineraries.

Find out how to beat the crowds, save time and money, and experience Italy like a local with insightful tips on sightseeing, wine tasting, and dining. 

You get a full taste of Italy’s history, culture, and environment with background information, while fabulous full-color photography adds inspiration to your journey. 

With practical travel tips, regional coverage, and essential pre-departure information, “The Rough Guide to Italy” is your gateway to books to read while traveling.

Our Final Words

Exploring Italy is a dream come true for anyone who loves to travel, and the best Italy travel books are the key to unlocking its wonders. These helpful guides take readers on a trip through the country’s beautiful scenery, rich past, and lively culture.

No matter what kind of tourist you are, these books have something for you. They have useful tips, insider information, and plans that will save you time. The handpicked suggestions give you a taste of what Italy has to offer, from secret gems to famous sites.

From the charming canals of Venice to the beautiful towns of Tuscany, these travel books can help you have unique experiences and enjoy Italy like a local. 

So, grab your favorite travel book about Italy, go on the trip of a lifetime, and let the magic of Italy take your breath away. With the help of these best Italy travel books, you’re sure to make experiences that will last a lifetime.