9 Best SUP Carrier Straps for Effortless Transportation

Best Sup carrier strap

Are you an ardent SUP riser looking for the best way to carry your SUP easily to or from water? We know it is sometimes arduous to take your SUP for your expedition.

If you are unearthing a SUP-carrying solution, a SUP carrier strap is your ultimate remedy. In our experience, such boards weigh 15-16 kg. You can strap around your boat, and the adjustable pad helps you to hang the boat over your shoulder.

When you use it, you utilize your whole body to carry its weight instead of just your arms. Paddles can be a concern for you. Yes! You can tie down the paddle in the straps on the boat to free your hands. But sometimes, a paddle comes your way. You find it hard to carry both a paddle and SUP together.

Therefore, you walk twice, first with your SUP or Paddle board carry straps and second with a later. You will face no issue if there is an extra loop for the paddle holder. A paddle board carry bag is also available which carries the paddles. 

Let us confide with you our 9 best SUP Carrier Straps that we have tested. Sup Carrier straps are very convenient, reliable, and easy to use, and our tested SUP Carrier straps are compatible with all stand-up paddle boards.

Best SUP Carrier Straps for Effortless Transportation


Product Image





  • Size: One Size

  • Material: Nylon

  • Closure Type: Buckles


  • Size: One Size

  • Material: Nylon

  • Closure Type: Strap On


  • Weight: 11.9 Ounces

  • Color: Black

  • Closure Type: D ring clips


  • Length: 12 ft

  • Material: Nylon

  • Closure Type: Buckles


  • Material: Nylon

  • weight: 3.84 ounces

  • Closure: D rings


  • Size: Normal

  • Material: Aluminum

  • Color: Black


  • Foldable: Yes

  • Dimension: 9.06 x 1.57 x 0.79 inches

  • Colour: Black


  • Weight: 0.5Kg

  • Material: Neoprene

  • Dimensions: ‎8.74 x 5.75 x 2.72 inches


  • Weight: 70 Pounds

  • Material: Nylon

  • Color: Black

1. Gradient Fitness paddle Board Carrier

If you are short-height or have no long arms, this bright color gradient fitness paddle Board carry strap is perfect for you. Having no compatibility issue with the boats we tested, size varies from 8ft to 11ft.

Its soft padded shoulder piece confides you with a comfortable boat-carrying experience. You can attach it easily to loops that wrap your boat. You can also carry it in the paddle board carry bag.

Metal-reinforced straps enable you to use it for a long time. Buckles are frontally padded to avoid any scratch on your boat. Its paddle holder helps you to place your boat paddle safely. Your hands are free in a boat carrying maneuvering.

There are many best ways to carry a paddle board. Paddle straps are adjustable. Therefore, no threat to boat size due to its compatibility.

This is a high-quality SUP carrier strap made up of Nylon material. We all know very well that nylon material is not wearable. So there is no chance of falling off anything during travels.

The tri-glide piece design is fully adjustable, and it does not matter what the board’s width is. It also comes with extra SUP carry straps to hold the paddles with full strength. Due to the presence of strong metal hardware, it can easily hold anything.


  • The straps are sufficient to wrap around the standard SUPs. 
  • You can adjust the strap from the smallest 34″ to the longest 76″.
  • Each plastic buckle is rated for 200lb.
  • You can use a stand-up paddle board carrier for a maximum of 400lb weight.


  • It is only suitable for moderately large or odd-carry paddle boards.

2. THURSO SURF SUP Shoulder Strap

Stand-up paddle board carrier suits you if you are a budding SUP riser and want to avoid risking your SUP-carrying experience. High-quality nylon makes it a premium-quality SUP carrier strap. If you are out for adventures, these lightweight, resilient, and strong full straps add value to your experience.

When you hang the paddle board over your shoulder, its large extra mesh padding SUP carrier strap imparts comfort. Its heavy-duty, lightweight, and rust-proof clips serve you longer.

The sup carrying strap is convenient and easy to set up. You can attach it to the D rings at your SUP. If you are 5 feet or above, you can tweak it according to height or boat size from 40 to 59 inches.

Before buying it, ensure your SUP has D rings and location. Without D-rings, you can’t use this strap. You can easily sling the SUP carrier strap from 40 to 59 inches because they are fully adjustable. Due to this adjustable feature, you can easily carry it based on your height and the paddle board.

It comes up with the carrier’s clips. D Rings can easily be attached to the clips. Not only easily attachable, but you can also remove the shoulder carry strap very easily. So it is easy to carry your board with our carrying strap.


  • Everything made of Thurso stand up paddle board carrier is of high quality and good value for your money.
  • Its meshy rubber padding makes it easy to carry SUP.
  • You can adjust the SUP carrier strap according to the size of your SUP.


  • According to some users, the carry strap for paddle board might loosen with the passage of time.

3. SUP-NOW Paddleboard Carrier Strap

If you are looking for a strengthful SUP carrier strap, here is your gem. Enjoy a lifetime warranty and peace of mind. SUP Now always supports your SUP experience with its value-added warranty.

Velcro straps wrap around your SUP and its peddle. You can grip the paddle to make it handle. If you don’t like plastic straps, then metal hardware is your only choice.

The straps are made of NEOPRENE, triple padded, and lightweight. Great value for your money. It takes time to balance the boat, but once you get the balance, the straps are put in place at once. You should tie a knot at one end and use that end on the same boat side. It helps you get the perfect balance every time.

There are high-quality neoprene board protectors which are very helpful in protecting your carry paddle board. I like the shoulder pad made up of soft neoprene. You will feel more comfortable feeling no stress on your shoulders.

Normally some SUP carriers’ straps are made of plastic buckle, but our paddle straps are made of high-quality metal. The clips are made up of 100% metal. With the help of a water bottle pocket, you will always remain hydrated carrying your paddle boards.


  • You can place the straps in the mesh bags.
  • Clips are made of metal.
  • It works for every height.


This sup-carrying strap sometimes needs readjustments.

4. Earth River SUP Tie-Down Straps

If you need good length to tie down SUP straps, your search is over now. This carry strap for paddle board has a coated clasp. It also gives scratch protection due to the Teflon pad under the clasp.

The strap loop helps you to hold the excess strapping. You can roll the webbing in a small package due to the sewn-in elastic. You can use it for a maximum of 200 lb, and its breaking limit is 600lb.

Its 12 feet length helps you to strap around 3 stand-up paddle boards. Earth River Sup offers you a lifetime warranty. If you find any issue, you must approach the Earth River Support Center as soon as possible.

Make sure the straps face rightly when you pull the straps tight. When they were placed upside down, we first had a small hole in the rope.

It is a 12-inch sup-carrying strap that can easily hold up to 3 stand-up paddle boards or kayaks. It also has a high-quality elastic band, which helps keep the strap rolled for good storage.

It is a high-quality, strong SUP carrier strap that can hold loads up to 200 pounds. It also consists of a molded cushion under the buckle, which helps protect different boards, and kayaks. It also does not cause any dents or scratches on the boards.


  • Buckles are made of metal with blue paint on them.
  • The SUP carrier straps are 1″ wide.
  • You can hold two boards up to six inches thick.


  • The padding is thicker than we require.


5. ZipSeven SUP Carrier Shoulder Strap 

If you are looking for a durable and comfortable SUP carrier strap, then the Zip Seven SUP Carrier strap is only made for you:

Its soft and comfortable pad helps you to carry your SUP board to the beach. Whatever your height is, you don’t need to worry about it. You adjust it from 29.5 inches to 59 inches.

With its quick-release attachment, you can easily hook the SUP carrier straps with D rings. Yeah, Its metal hook serves you for a longer period.

Paddle board carrier strap wraps around the board, giving you loops to adjust your paddles, bags, and other stuff.

The black colored pad of the standing paddle board Carry strap is extra padded that covers your shoulder to save you from damage.

It is an incredible SUP carrier strap with a great paddle board carrier sling. You will be surprised that this strap is adjustable and perfect for people of all heights.

This paddle board carrier strap comes up with a quick-release metal hook. The good thing about this metal hook is that it can easily attach and detach. Remember that metal hooks are long-lasting and strong compared to plastic hooks.


  • The carry strap for stand-up paddle boards is 59 inches long.
  • Clips are sturdy and made of metal.
  • Your SUP must have D rings. Otherwise, you can’t use it.


  • Not appropriate for musicians because they have to travel long distances.

6. FunWater SUP Carry Strap

If you need SUP carry straps with loops around your board, here is your find. Its non-slip material prevents falling from your shoulders. When we carried it, its triple padding covered the shoulder and dispersed the surface forces to lessen its weight.

You can adjust two loop sup straps according to your height and the size of your SUP board. Its meshy material provides enough water resistance. And its loopy design helps you to carry your paddle with your SUP.

Its metal hook helps you to attach your hook with SUP conveniently. You can also use this hook as a bottle opener. The sup carry strap is made up of high-quality polyester mesh, resistant to water and salt. It also comes up with a modern design that helps solve the problem of carrying the paddle alone on the road.

The carry strap for the paddle board Is made up of high-quality non-slip material. This material helps prevent the shoulder straps from falling.

It is a rare feature that is not present in all SUP carrier straps. It comes up with triple padding and also has broad shoulder pads. These shoulder pads assist in dispersing the force points to reduce the weight of your arms.

The SUP carrier strap comes with loops to wrap around the board. It’s not necessary to have D rings. For most straps, there must be D rings on the SUPs, which make them useless if boards don’t have D rings. This strip helps you to loop around any board eradicating this issue.


  • It is comfortable and convenient with a full-length shoulder strap.
  • You can put your paddles in the loop and carry them with free hands.
  • You adjust it according to your height and arm size.


  • An expensive paddle board paddle holder.

7. Tactical Single Element Kayak Carry Strap

If you want to hoist your kayak up on your shoulder, a Tactical Single Element Kayak sup carry strap is always there to help you.

We tested it in our trials. Sling this bad boy over the shoulder, and walked from the truck to the lake. Amazingly a fantastic experience. We love the following benefits:

You can’t only carry kayaks but also surfboards, longboards, SUPboards, and windboards. You can easily set up quick-release buckles to carry the paddles conveniently.

You can tweak the strap setting according to your height or board size. Your board is a gem for you. The strap’s buckle is coated with under-pad protection to save the board from scratches.

It is a great SUP carrier strap for a Paddle board with a removable shoulder pad. You will be surprised that this feature assists you for a long time, carrying dispersing force on your shoulder.

With quick-release buckles, you can easily fasten it and remove it according to your choice. The SUP carrier strap also has paddle loops so you can easily carry the paddle.

This is an easy and convenient way to transport your kayak, so it is an easy and affordable solution for your long and safe travels. 

If you want affordable, well-built, and easy-to-set board sup carry straps, the Kotli paddle board carrier strap is always here for you. We recommended it because we appreciate the benefits we observed in our trials.


  • It is sturdy; you can use it for over 100lb.
  • The straps are 2.5 inches wide.
  • You can easily carry your kayak. 
  • Its shoulder pad disperses the forces and reduces its weight. 


  • Might only be available in some countries.


8. Kolti Paddle Board Carry Strap

You will get 1 pcs shoulder padded strap, 1 pcs dry bed, and 2 pcs nylon reinforced straps. Of course, you can wrap around your surfboards and longboards with this heavy-duty sling.

Don’t worry about material quality. Its sturdy Nylon stuff with a comfortable Neoprene shoulder carry strap offers premium quality.

Regardless of your height or board size, you can adjust it to get more out of it.

Kotli never disappoints you. Its quality support is always active in resolving your issues.

This fantastic paddle board-carrying sling is easy to install and perfect for carrying different boards, kayaks, or surfboards. The metal hooks also make it more appealing to buy and ensure secure and safe carry.

With the help of a soft buckle mat, you can conveniently carry it, and it also prevents the board from scratches and dents. The shoulder pad is also an added feature, so you will not feel any burden or heaviness. The shoulder pad is also removable; when you wear it, it is perfect for long-time carrying.


  • It is compatible with every kind of board.
  • Even if you are around 5 ft, you can carry your SUP easily with it.
  • Yes, you will get additional hooks as well.


  • Sometimes, it is impossible to add different cables and accessories on this shoulder carry strap. 

9. ZipSeven SUP Shoulder Carrier Strap

Are you inching your way for a nice strap that is comfortable and easy to set up? Ok! SUP Sling strap carrier is yours.

We took its scrutiny. We observed it’s best for smaller Kayaks. Fine! The following benefits helped us to review it for you:

You can use it for boards, kayaks, and canoes that are 80 inches. It also comes up with adjustable lengths to easily fit in different-sized boards and kayaks.

You can put 70 lb of weight on it. Don’t cross the weight. When you wrap around the SUP, it makes a loop to hold the paddle.

You just sling over the shoulder and walk from the vehicle to the lake with free hands. Very comfortable and easy to carry.

The most impressive benefit. If it is not cutting the mustard, you can return it at any time without any hesitation.

Make sure that the hooks are made up of high-quality metal. Otherwise, some hooks are made of plastic and wear off with time. Don’t ever go with plastic hooks because they are not long-lasting. 

Even the hooks should be made of metal, and this carrying strap is the same.

Like many carry straps for stand-up paddle boards, it is effortless to install and can easily carry heavy boards and kayaks. 

With the help of a soft buckle mat, it will not cause any scratches on the boards or kayaks. It also has a shoulder pad which is removable and also comfortable for carrying kayaks, longboards, or shortboards. The shoulder pad is also perfect for long-time carrying.


  • It is up to 80 inches.
  • It work for 10 ft long inflatable kayak.
  • It is suitable for every sort of SUPs.


  • In this sup carrier, color options are limited.

What things to consider while buying a SUP Car Rack?

In this part of the post, we will discuss in detail what factors to consider while purchasing the SUP carrier strap. It will ensure effortless transportation

All sup racks are not the same, which is the main reason you should know

which suits your transportation needs very well.

SUP Capacity

First of all, you should make sure what is the capacity on the roof of the car is present. So you should consider the board capacity and board widths. This will be helpful for secure and safe travels.

Rooftop SUP transportation is a good opinion. It can hold two or more boards at one time. So if you want to take two or more boards at once, this SUP carrier strap is the best transport for you.

Installation is Easy

The installation of a paddle board SUP carrier strap is easy. So it is always recommended by the manufacturers to use carry straps for paddle boards which are easy to install.

Easy to load and Unload

The SUP carrier strap should be high quality so the board would be easy to load and unload.

Compatibility with rack

Ensures the sup paddle holder is compatible with your car’s rack. So your rack system must work with any installed racks in your ride before purchasing.

Compatibility with Car

Ensures the rail or rack system is compatible with your transport. So whenever you are shopping for a SUP rack, make sure that you also check for paddle board transportation.

Our Final Words

It is very important to invest in a high-quality SUP carrier strap for effortless transportation of your sup board. In this post, we have discussed in detail about top 9 sup carrier straps from which you can choose according to your choice and convenience. 

These are very high-quality carry straps for stand-up paddle boards offering a range of features. They also offer different options to suit your needs and preferences. These SUP carry straps come up with adjustable straps, quick-release buckles, and padded shoulder straps. Due to these features, your SUP transportation will be hassle-free.

Greeting the carry paddle board is easier, but the main thing is how to carry it and how to take it for transportation. With the help of a sup strap, you can easily discover the waterways in a whole new way. 

The straps for the paddle board are very much handy and you will feel free to carry it. It comes in the category of recreational equipment, giving you the best way to transport your board from one place to another. The sup carrier is, therefore the ideal option for traveling the carry paddle board with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sup carrier straps universal?

Yes, sup carrier straps are universal and are specially designed to fit most carry paddle boards. Ensure you have checked the compatibility of the sup strap with your particular board before purchasing.

Can I use a regular backpack strap as a sup carrier strap?

I do not recommend you use a regular backpack strap as a sup carrier strap. The reason is that the opportunity 90s bored and stability needed for transporting sup boards.

How can we attach a sup carry strap to our board?

Sup carrier straps are straightforward to use and have a good attachment mechanism, such as buckles and adjustable loops. Additional questions like how to carry a kayak with it. You just have to look for the instructions given with the specific strap so that it can be securely attached to your paddle board.

Can we use a sup carrier strap for other water sports equipment?

The SUP carry strap for paddle boards is firstly designed for sup boards, and the best thing about these straps is that they are perfect for transporting other water sports equipment. Not only the paddle board, you can also take kayaks, canoes, and surfboards, depending on the design and load capacity of the strap.

Are SUP carry straps waterproof?

Keep in mind that not all sup carry straps are not waterproof, but still, they are particularly made from materials that can withstand exposure to water. They come up with reliable performance even in wet conditions.