7 Must-Have Best Tent Footprints for Camping

Best tent footprints for camping

If you are a first-timer confused about what to take tent camping or making a list of overnight camping essentials, then this is the right post for you. Say hello to tent accessories, the ultimate camper essentials you can’t do without!

If you’re asking yourself questions like “What is a tent footprint?” or “Do I need a tent footprint?” or “What are some must-have camping accessories?” Fear not, because we have got you covered.

A tent footprint, also known as camping ground sheets, camping ground cover, or ground cloth, is an essential piece of camping gear. It’s a protective layer that goes underneath your tent to provide extra insulation and prevent wear and tear.

In this awesome blog post, we’ll be uncovering the 7 Best Tent Footprints, your ultimate tent essentials, and camping must-haves!  Saving money and camping in style? We can help you find discount tent footprints that still get the job done!

From the best family camping gear materials to waterproof wonders, these best tent footprints will blow your mind! They’ll shield your tent from wear and tear, keep moisture at bay, and make your camping adventure even more amazing!

Top 7 Camping Tent Tarps for every True camper

1. Clostnature Tent Footprint – Waterproof Camping Tarp

This sleek black Tent Footprint by Clostnature is a must-have for camping! This extra tent tarp is not just about waterproofing it has to make it to your list of camping supplies. 

It’s made of tough polyester material, with a waterproof ground cloth and coating that can take on any rain shower. It’s like having a shield to protect your tent from wear and tear. Your tent will last longer, and you’ll be the camping hero!

This is the best footprint – weighing only 6.3 ounces. It won’t weigh you down while you’re hiking to your dream camping spot. It’s so compact that you can fold it into the included drawstring storage bag.

If you are thinking about the rest of the things you need for tent camping, you should know that this footprint is a multi-purpose champ. It is everything you need to go camping!

Sure, it works as a groundsheet for a tent, but it’s also a sunshade for those scorching days, a picnic set up for beach fun, a rain fly for your cozy hammock, or a tarp shelter for any outdoor adventure. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your camping essential list!

Clostnature has your back with a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s a risk-free purchase that you have to add to your tent camping packing list, my friend!


1. The best tent footprint – Waterproof superhero for your tent.

2. Lightweight and compact, like a mini cellphone for your minimalist camping list.

3. Multi-purpose camping ground cloth for your first-time camping checklist.


1. Only fits 1-person so may not be the best camping gear for families.

2. No other color options available.

3. May not be the best tent footprint for larger groups looking for must-have camping supplies.

2. REDCAMP Waterproof Camping Tent Tarp cover

The REDCAMP Tent Footprint is one of the best camping essentials here to rock your camping world in the coolest way possible!

First things first, this is the best tent footprint made of super durable 210D Oxford fabric. It’s like having a shield against water, thanks to its waterproof magic (PU1000mm). With this tent floor, there are more worries about wetness ruining your camping fun!

Check out the size, folks! It’s a whopping 82″ x 82″ of awesomeness. Perfect for 2-3 people to chill comfortably. You can place this cool ground cloth under your tent to keep it safe from moisture. It’s like giving your tent its very own waterproof superhero cape!

But wait, there’s more! This tent tarp is a camping must-have. Whether you’re camping, hitting the beach, having a picnic, or rocking some sports events, it’s got you covered. 

Oh, and did we mention that REDCAMP offers a 365-day warranty? Yep, that’s right! If you’re not satisfied, they’ve got your back. Just reach out to them, and they’ll respond within 24 hours. They’re like your camping buddies, always there for you!


1. It is the best tent footprint that can be packed into a teeny-tiny size (6″x4″x0.5″) – fits right into the included drawstring pouch.

2. This family camping gear is big enough for 2-3 people to party! 

3. One of the best camping items with multipurpose uses. 


1. This footprint camping gear is only available in grey color.

2. May not be the best tent footprint for larger groups.

3. Some customers say it might be torn easily so it may not be the best tent footprint

3. REDCAMP Ultralight PU 2000 under Tent Tarp

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This awesome REDCAMP Tent Footprint is like having a secret weapon against the elements and is considered one of the camping necessities for camper groups out there!

This waterproof tent floor tarp is made of tough 210T ripstop polyester fabric. It’s like having a shield to protect your tent from any water invasion (PU2000mm). With the best tent footprint, no more worries about soggy camping adventures!

This bad boy measures a cool 55″ x 87″. It’s perfect for 1-2 people to cosy up and enjoy the great outdoors. Place it under your tent to keep moisture away. So, add it to your camping gear must-haves list!

This tent tarp is a multitasking genius. Whether you’re hitting the beach, having a picnic, going camping, or rocking some sporting events, it’s got your back. Literally! You can tie it up to create a shady oasis or a rainproof canopy. 

And check this out: it’s lightweight and compact. Weighing only 0.56 pounds, it won’t weigh you down. You can fold it up to a tiny package size of 3.14″ x 8.6″. 


1. REDCAMP is a camping footprint brand that offers a 365-day warranty.

2. The best tent footprint for 1-2 people to enjoy nature.

3. It’s like carrying a mini powerhouse in your backpack!


1. This camping ground tarp is not very durable.

2. Water resistance rating could be higher for this summer camping gear.

3. May not be the best tent footprint for larger groups or bigger tents.

4. Bessport 1-2-3-4 Person waterproof large tent tarp

The amazing Bessport Tent Footprint is ultralight, waterproof, and super lightweight. This camp footprint is like a superhero cape for your tent, protecting it from water and wear!

This minimal camping gear measures a cool 90.5″ x 55.12″. It’s like having a protective shield against dampness, dirt, and sharp objects – the best tent footprint for you!

This ground cloth for the tent is made of super tough 210D polyester Oxford fabric with a waterproof PU coating. It can handle up to 3000mm of water resistance! No more worries about pesky rain ruining your camping fun!

Setting it up is super easy. Just unfold the tarp, lay it on the ground, and use stakes (not included) to secure it through the metal grommet eyelets. It’s like building your own fortress in no time!

And check this out: it’s lightweight and compact. Weighing only 0.66 lb, it won’t weigh you down on your outdoor adventures. Plus, it comes with a convenient drawstring carry sack. It’s like having a portable treasure for your leisure time!


1. It works not only as a tent tarp floor but also as a picnic mat and beach mat. 

2. This ground tarp for a tent is perfect to protect your tent footprints and enjoy outdoor leisure time.

3. This tent ground tarp creates a barrier against the wind and sun. It’s some versatile stuff you need for camping!


1. Do tent footprints need stakes? this may not be the best option since stakes are not included.

2. Limited color options are available for this ground to cover tent gear.

3. It’s a little smaller than your tent floor.

5. OneTigris Waterproof best floor tent Footprint, 81″ x 65″

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The OneTigris Tent Footprint is an awesome footprint for tent camping that should be the number one item on your “things you need for camping in a tent” list.

What to bring for tent camping, this tent footprint is made of super durable 75D Nylon. It’s like having a shield against dirt, abrasion, and rips. 

Plus, it’s waterproof with a rating of 1500mm. No more worries about rain ruining your camping adventures!

This is one of the best footprints for tents measuring a generous 81″ x 65″. It’s perfect for use with OneTigris BACKWOODS BUNGALOW and OUTBACK RETREAT tents, and other 1 to 2-person tents. It’s like having a cozy oasis for you and your camping buddy!

This is the best tent footprint as it also comes with a convenient nylon stuff sack for easy carry and storage. It will store all your camping tent accessories.

This is one of the best footprints you can get for your summer camping essentials because it has reinforced stitching on stress points and grade-A bungee tie-out loops for added strength. It’s like having a tough buddy that can handle anything!


1. Durable superhero against dirt, abrasion, and rain.

2. Perfect size for cozy camping adventures.

3. It’s compact and lightweight. When packed, it’s only 11.8″ by 7.5″ in size.


1. Some people may find that the color of this tent’s ground cloth looks like a stain.

2. May not be the best tent footprint size for people wanting a bigger tent base.

3. Some users may prefer a higher waterproof rating for tent footprint purposes.

6. MIER Lanshan Lightweight Tent Tarp 3-Season Backpacking Tent

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The MIER Tent Footprint is the ultimate ground sheet for camping made of super durable 40D silicone-coated nylon. It’s like having a shield against wear and tear. Your tent will thank you for the extra protection!

This tent groundsheet comes in two sizes for your convenience. There’s a 1P size measuring 82.7″ x 29.5″ and a 2P size measuring 82.7″ x 43.3″. Perfectly fits under the MIER Ultralight Tent for added lifespan. 

This backpacking tent footprint weighs only 5.3 oz, so it won’t weigh you down on your outdoor adventures. You simply cannot leave this groundsheet for camping out of your ultimate camping packing list!


1. One of the best fabrics for tent footprints is treated with siliconized magic, giving it a water resistance level equal to PU4000mm.

3. Setting this best tent footprint up is easy peasy lemon squeezy! 


1. Tieouts of this ground cover camping footprint are sewn and sealed.

2. Stakes and guylines are not included.

3. Some users may prefer a higher water resistance level so it may not be the best tent footprint for them.

7. Azarxis Waterproof Camping Tent

The Azarxis Tent Footprint has to make it to your camping accessories for tent list because it is the ultimate footprint tent! 

This is the best tent footprint as it is made of super strong and high-quality 420D Oxford cloth. It’s like having a shield against wear and tear. No more worries about the ground damaging your tent!

Not only that but this under-tent mat is durable, waterproof, and fast-drying. Say goodbye to soggy camping prep adventures!

Setting this ground cloth camping gear up is a breeze, my friends. Unfold the footprint and spread it on the ground as your tent’s foundation. 

When using it as an awning, simply use stakes or guylines to secure it through the metal grommet eyelets. It’s like building your own cozy camping haven in no time!

And get this: it’s easy to carry. When not in use, this ground cover for a tent can be packed into a compact size. It even comes with a storage pouch for convenient carrying and traveling. 

This ground cloth for camping can also be used as a tent tarp, picnic blanket, or even a sun canopy. It’s perfect for your camping preparation!


1. This tent groundsheet is easy to set up.

2. Waterproof and fast-drying, like a magic cloak against moisture.

3. One of the most portable tent camping must-haves for your outdoor adventures.


1. This tent’s ground cover is made of easily fading cloth.

2. May not be the best tent footprint for an emergency trip.

3. The material of this tent groundsheet is thin.

5 Things You Need To Consider Before Buying The Best Tent Footprint

Now that we have answered your question about what are tent footprint, we will now move on to the things you need to consider before buying your tent footprint. They are as follows:

1. Size

Choose your custom tent footprints by size. See that it matches your tent’s dimensions. Different tents require specific footprint sizes to ensure a proper fit and maximum protection.

2. Material and Durability

Check the material of the footprint. For the best tent footprint, look for strong and durable fabrics like polyester or nylon with waterproof capabilities. A rugged and sturdy footprint will withstand rough terrains and weather conditions.

3. Weight and Portability 

If you’re backpacking or hiking, the best tent footprint would be a lightweight and compact one. For car camping, weight may not be as crucial, but it still contributes to easy transportation.

4. Versatility

Think about how you plan to use the footprint. Some footprints can serve as multi-purpose tent camping accessories, like a picnic mat or sun canopy. Versatility adds extra value to your camping gear.

5. Budget-Friendly Options

Evaluate different options that fit your budget. There are affordable and high-quality tent footprints available, ensuring you get the best family tent footprints without breaking the bank.

Bonus: DIY Tent Footprint – If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own tent footprint! With the right materials and measurements, a tent footprint DIY can be a budget-friendly and personalized addition to your camping necessities. 

Don’t forget to follow some online camping sites for a list of tent camping and essential car camping gear to get the most out of your camping trip! 

How To Setup a Tent Footprint

Our Final Words

Are you still wondering what a tent footprint is and if you need one? Well, you’ve got the answer right here! It’s one of the best items to bring for camping for any outdoor enthusiast! 

Whether you’re camping with family or friends, a tent footprint is something you have to add to your “things you need for a camping trip” list!

Did you know, you can even set up your camp in a truck or a car? Here’s a list of the best truck bed camping setups.

We hope that in this post, we were able to help you understand all the things you need for camping in a tent and aid you in finding the best items for camping.

Make sure you choose durable and standard-quality footprints that will easily fit into your backpack, and you’ll be all set for the most unforgettable camping trip ever!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do I need a footprint for my tent?

Using a tent footprint is not always necessary, but it’s highly recommended and one of the best camping essentials. It provides extra protection for your tent’s bottom, extending its lifespan. 

2. What is a tent footprint used for?

A tent footprint is one of the camping must-have items that shields your tent from sharp objects, rocks, and moisture on the ground. By using the best tent footprint, you prevent potential damage to your tent and keep it cleaner and drier.

3. Where do I buy tent footprints?

The best place to buy the best tent footprints is ground sheet camping gear stores, both physical & online. You can check out camping stores, outdoor retailers, or even online stores like Amazon.com for the best price.