How To Pack Shoes For Moving? An Expert Guide

“Pack your shoes; we’re moving!” Doesn’t that sound daunting? Fear not, we’re here to guide you through the best way to pack shoes whether you’re moving or just going out for a trip. Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way that carelessly tossing shoes into a box just doesn’t cut it. If we don’t respect our shoes while moving, they won’t respect us in return. Buckle up, and let’s put our best foot forward.

You’d be amazed at how many folks turn the delicate process of shoe packing into a rigorous sport of cramming footwear into boxes without thought. Crushed heels, scratched leather, lost pairs – it’s a shoe nightmare waiting to happen.

Pack shoes like you’d pack your lunch for a long road trip. Here are some ways to guide you through the labyrinth of laces, soles, and insoles and ensure your prized footwear reaches its new home unscathed. 

How To Pack Shoes For Travel?

1. Packing Materials

Consider this: no one would send a ripe peach in a thinly padded envelope, would they? The result would be a mess. The same goes for your shoes. Quality doesn’t compromise, period.

2. Choosing Suitable Shoe Boxes

The shoe box is like a mini house for your shoes. It must be sturdy and able to stand against the downs of relocation. But remember, a shoe box is not always a “shoe box.” If the original is lost, replaceable boxes are always available.

3. Protective Materials

Bubble wrap is like those bubble guards surrounding your feet, giving that squishy feeling of safety. Old newspapers might stain your shoes, so stick to packing paper. Be creative but never at the cost of your shoe’s well-being. 

4. Cleaning

Just like you wouldn’t store dirty dishes in your cupboard, shoes need a good cleaning before packing. Dirt and grime can cause degradation over time, so a quick clean-up goes a long way.

5. Stuffing

Stuffing your shoes is like sending them to the gym — keeping them in shape, preventing wrinkles, and stretching shoe life. Just don’t use the gym socks for this.

6. Pairing 

Playing Cinderella with your shoes after you move is not fun. Always keep the right pair together. How? Label. Label. Label, my friend.

7. Proper Labeling

There’s no room for guessing games when you’re unpacking. Proper labeling is key to organization and lasting sanity.


Everyone has those burning questions when it comes to packing shoes for a move. Let’s address some of those.

1. What type of box should I use for packing shoes?

Ideally, the original shoe box works best. If unavailable, look for sturdy, replacement boxes, and make sure your shoe fits well without being squished.

2. Can I pack all types of shoes in the same way?

Nope, different shoes require different packing techniques. Casual shoes can be more easily packed, while formal shoes and boots demand delicate attention.

3. What should I do if my shoes get damaged during the move?

Depending on the damage, a professional cobbler could become your shoe’s best pal. For minor scuffs, a good shoe polish can work wonders.

4. Can I use newspapers instead of packing paper for stuffing?

Newspaper ink can stain your shoes. Stick to clean packing paper and bubble wrap for stuffing.

5. Can I consolidate other items in the shoe box?

It’s best not to. Packing shoes alone ensures they have enough room and don’t get damaged. Don’t try to sneak in that miniature Eiffel Tower souvenir in there.

Every move, every step, brings with it challenges and triumphs. By understanding the art of packing shoes, you can add to the triumph column, ensuring your beloved footwear strides happily alongside you. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a well-packed pair of shoes.