16 Essential Things to Take to Disneyland

Essential Things to Take to Disneyland

A trip to Disneyland is a dream come true for many, filled with the promise of thrilling rides, magical friendships, and yummy delicacies. We’ve all seen pictures of smiling faces with fairy tale backgrounds, and it’s only natural to want your Disney vacation to be the best experience of your life.

The key to making the most of your Disneyland adventure lies in the details, and being underprepared can turn that dream into a bit of a nightmare. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the things you could potentially need on your trip, along with some invaluable tips to ensure your planning is as simple and comfortable as possible. So, before you pack for Disneyland, have a look at our ultimate guide on things to take to Disneyland. 

16 Best Things to Take to Disneyland

Disneyland Essentials to Pack for Your Trip

1. Tickets and Documentation

First things first, folks – let’s not forget the key to the kingdom!

E-Tickets and Reservations
For smooth entry into the happiest place on earth, e-tickets and advanced Disneyland reservations are a must. Remember to download or print them and have them handy.

Parking Passes
Unless you plan on hitching a ride on Aladdin’s magic carpet, you’re going to need parking passes. It’s all digital these days; be sure to pre-order them online.

ID and Payment Methods
Got your photo ID and credit cards? Now, it is also smart to bring some cash – you never know when you might fancy a spontaneous churro!

2. Weather-appropriate Clothing

Disneyland can be a sunny soiree or a damp day out, depending on the weather. Still unsure about what to wear to Disneyland? Here’s some help: 

Comfortable Walking Footwear
A day at Disneyland is equal parts enchantment and exercise! Your foot will thank you for wearing the most comfortable footwear you own. Canvas shoes are a popular favorite among most visitors!

Light Jackets or Raincoats
Rain could make a splash at any time in Disneyland, so always keep a jacket or raincoat in your Disney survival kit.

Sun Protective Apparel
Protect against harmful sun UV rays by bringing hats, and shades, or wearing a layer of sunblock. Sunglasses also double up as a chic accessory, perfect for those Disney-style snaps!

3. Gadgets and Electronics

Photograph incredible moments, navigate easily, and keep phones charged with these indispensable tech gadgets.

Smartphones or Cameras
Document your Disneyland adventure with either a smartphone or a camera. Better yet, bring both!

Disneyland Mobile App
This app is your magic map, schedule keeper, and fast pass finder. You go, tech wizard!

Portable Chargers or Power Banks
The one thing that should run out of energy after a full day at Disneyland is you (although we highly doubt it!), not your mobile. Bring a charging cable and a power bank to charge your phone at Disneyland.

Keeping Hydrated and Well-nourished

Ever seen a parched princess or a hungry hero?

4. Portable Water Bottles

Water Refill Stations in Disneyland
The park is peppered with water refill stations. Why not bring a reusable bottle and reduce plastic waste? Mother Nature will thank you!

Water Bottle Recommendations
We recommend insulated, spill-proof water bottles. They keep your water cool and won’t drench your bag if they tip over!

5. Healthy and Convenient Snacks

While there are many famous restaurants at Disneyland, they do cost a pretty penny. Adventures require sustenance; pack some primo provisions. 

Acceptable Food Items in Disneyland
Although Disneyland provides a treasure trove of tasty treats, you can also bring your own food. Sandwiches, fresh fruits, or a bag of trail mix are some of the most popular snacks to bring to Disneyland

Top Snack Options for an Energy Boost
In case you’re lost in the scrumptious sea of snacking choices, we suggest string cheese, protein bars, baby carrots, or apples.

6. Dietary and Allergy Specific Needs

Bringing Specialized Dietary Snacks
Your dietary needs can easily be met in Disneyland. Add easily accessible snacks catering to your dietary needs to your Disneyland packing list

Allergen-friendly Food Services in Disneyland
Disneyland chefs are extremely accommodating to special diet needs. Be sure to inform them of your allergies or dietary preferences!

Ensuring Comfort and Queue-time Killers

A little comfort goes a long way, especially during those lengthy queues.

7. Comfort Accessories

Collapsible Carriers/Strollers
Don’t let your Cinderellas and Simbas tire out. Rent a stroller or bring along a collapsible one.

Neck Pillows and Blankets
A backpacker’s secret weapon, neck pillows, for those delightful Disney dozes.

Hand Sanitizers and Disinfectant Wipes
These germ-busters are crucial in a crowded place like Disneyland, keep a supply handy, folks.

8. Keeping Kids Entertained

Favorite Small Toys
Bringing along comforting small toys can help keep the fussy fits at bay during your Disneyland trip.

Interactive Games on Mobile Devices
Load an array of games on your phone for entertainment during waits. Just make sure you’ve got that power bank!

9. Engaging Adults and Teens

Books or E-books
Waiting will be a breeze if you’re absorbed in an enchanting fairy-tale or thrilling adventure book.

Podcasts or Music
Whittle away the waiting time with podcasts or your favorite music on your headphones.

Celebrating Special Occasions at Disneyland

10. Birthday Exploration

Birthday Pins and Accessories
Celebrate your special day with a sparkly birthday pin and let the whole park join in your festivities!

Booking Special Birthday Experiences
Disney offers magical birthday experiences too. Plan in advance and book your special day.

11. Disney-inspired Costumes

Wearing Costumes in Disneyland Rules
A Disneyland vacation is incomplete without costumes. Remember, adults can’t wear full costumes. Children, however, are free to don their favorite character’s outfit – within the policy rules, of course.

Best Approved-Disney Costumes Options
Go for simple Disney-inspired attire or Disney-bounding outfits. Remember the end goal is to have fun.

12. Custom Souvenirs and Keepsakes

Personalizing Your Disneyland Mementos
Monogrammed Mickey ears are one of the most iconic things to take to Disneyland. Disneyland offers an array of personalizable mementos.

Secret Spots to Discover Exclusive Collectibles
Scout out unique souvenirs hidden around the park for a rewarding treasure hunt!

Going the Extra Mile

14. Using a Fanny Pack or a Backpack

What to Pack in Your Fanny Pack
Fanny packs are surprisingly spacious and perfect for housing essentials like phones, keys, cash, and passports.

Finding a Convenient yet Stylish Backpack for Disneyland
It’s all about balancing practicality and panache! Look for a funky, durable backpack that reflects your Disney spirit.

If you’re staying at Disneyland over the weekend, here’s a list of all the essentials for your weekend trip.

15. Autograph Books and Pens

Meeting Disneyland Characters and Getting Autographs
What’s Disneyland without its characters? Grab a Disney-themed book and some colorful pens. It becomes even more precious with those autographs.

Best Autograph Book and Pen Choices
Go for a durable, quality autograph book, and opt for retractable pens which are easier for costumed characters to use.

16. Glow Sticks and Lanyards

The Magic of Glow Sticks at Disneyland
Glow sticks add a sprinkle of fairy-dust magic during the nighttime festivities is a Disneyland essential!

Why a Lanyard Will Make Your Life Easier in Disneyland
Lanyards are lifesavers when it comes to holding tickets, passes, or IDs in a safe, reachable place.

Before whisking off to the park, remember to gather all listed must-haves. With the right prep, you’ll be free to discover the magic of Disneyland without any drawbacks!

Hope you have a magical Disney Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Can I bring my own food to Disneyland?

Certainly! Disneyland allows food and drink. Just be to read. their park rules and then curate your Disneyland packing list according to what snacks you can bring to Disneyland.

B. What are items that I can’t bring into Disneyland?

Sharp objects, selfie sticks, large coolers, drones, or alcohol are strictly prohibited inside the park. 

C. How can I prepare for the weather in Disneyland?

Checking the weather forecast is a quick, effective way to prepare. Pack a lightweight jacket or poncho during unpredictable weather days.

D. Where do I find information for visitors with allergies?

Prep ahead of time and find information on Disneyland’s official website under “Allergy-friendly” options.

E. Can I bring personal items on rides in Disneyland?

Yes! Some rides even provide storage for larger items. But small items are best kept secured in your backpack or fanny pack.