6 Unique Places to Stay in West Virginia

Unique Places to Stay in West Virginia

West Virginia, also called the “Mountain State”, is not just about scenic drives, rugged landscapes, and historical landmarks. It is also home to a myriad of hidden accommodations that promise experiences beyond the ordinary. 

In this blog post, we’re on a journey through unique places to stay in West Virginia where every visit is an unforgettable adventure. Each of these unique places to stay in West Virginia has a story to tell. You’ll discover accommodations that are far from ordinary. 

West Virginia promises more than just destinations—it offers experiences. It doesn’t matter if you are a solo relentless adventurer or a family seeking to craft stories together these unique places to stay in West Virginia will surely accommodate all of your tastes.

6 Best Places to Stay in West Virginia

1. The 1805 Farmhouse Mansion

The 1805 Farmhouse Mansion beckons guests seeking an unparalleled fusion of historic charm and modern luxury. It is one of the proper unique places to stay in West Virginia. 

The 2,500 sq. ft. mansion, located in the heart of Jefferson County, WV, boasting 5 plush bedrooms and 7 state-of-the-art bathrooms, comfortably accommodates up to 13 guests. 

While the rich wooden floors echo stories from the past, contemporary amenities such as Wi-Fi, smart speakers, and a cutting-edge HVAC system assure a comfortable stay. 

Pet lovers will love this mansion even more as it welcomes up to three of your furry companions with open arms. This grand mansion has been rated 5/5 stars by previous guests and can be yours for just $1,116/night.

For those who seek solace away from the main house, a separate barn studio provides an added layer of tranquility and privacy. You can even bask in the heated pool or hot tub, enveloped by the serene West Virginia landscapes.

2. The Windy Acres Castle

If you’ve always dreamt of stepping into a fairytale, this Castle hosted by Cherie transforms this dream into a vivid reality. It is located in Windy Acres, WV, and is set against the stunning backdrop of a 100-acre farm. 

This unique industrial garage-turned-castle studio room offers an otherworldly escape that you’ll remember for a lifetime. With its enchanting facade, this castle room boasts a ballroom-style entertainment space, ideal for a magical evening. 

The studio itself provides a cozy nook for up to 8 guests, equipped with a futon, other bedding options, a mini-fridge, microwave, Wi-Fi, and A/C for ultimate comfort. And let’s not forget the delightful decor that adds to the charm!

When you step outside, you will be amazed by the wonders that Windy Acres holds. The property boasts two serene ponds, vineyards, and orchards. which makes it one of the most best places to stay in West Virginia. If you’re lucky, you might even stumble upon a fallen apple or chestnut. 

This is one of the 5/5 star rated unique places to stay in West Virginia and you can turn your fairytale dreams into reality for just $300/night. 

3. Holly Rock Treehouse

If you’re looking for a perfect escape into the treetops of West Virginia then The Holly Rock Treehouse in Hick, WV is going to be the perfect choice for you. Romantic places to stay in West Virginia will bring you an entrancing experience right from your childhood dreams.

This 520 sq. ft. magical hideaway is perfectly situated among the serene Appalachian Forest. The treehouse is designed for dreamers, with wide French doors, panoramic windows, and a viewing balcony that offers the ultimate bird’s eye perspective. 

It is ideal for both solo travelers and couples and is a romantic place to stay in West Virginia. The space is intimate and features a cozy queen bed along with a quaint dining area where every meal feels like a picnic in the sky.

If you step outside, you get your private picnic zone with a gas grill! And for those moments of sheer relaxation, there’s a secluded hot tub on an extended deck amidst the canopy.

The treehouse ensures you’re as comfortable as you are enchanted as it is fully equipped with all modern amenities, including a kitchen, A/C, and heating

From white-water rafting, hiking, and skiing, to mountain biking, you will find nature surrounding you all the while you’re here and you can get this 5/5 star rated place for a nightly rate of just $300. 

4. The New Farmhouse 

This new farmhouse is an exquisite gem lying amidst the tranquil embrace of Preston County. However, don’t let the term “farmhouse” deceive you; this 1,900 sq. ft. sanctuary redefines luxury, offering a meld of rustic charm and modern space.

Here, you can gaze out from the floor-to-ceiling windows to absorb pristine views of the surrounding water or indulge in the plush comfort of the luxury linens after a day’s adventure. You can also be sipping wine on the back deck or nestling by the fire pit to relax. 

This pristine farmhouse is one of the most beautiful places to stay in West Virginia, your ideal launchpad to all of West Virginia’s splendors – exploring the serene beauty of Morgantown, taking a dip in Cheat Lake, skiing in Deep Creek Lake/Wisp Ski Resort, or hiking in Coopers Rock.

This is one of the unique places to stay in West Virginia where you’ll be enveloped in nature with an expansive 3-acre property. 

It holds a staggering 1,000 feet of the serene Laurel Run to lull you into tranquillity. And if you’re inclined towards an urban experience, Morgantown is not far away.

This is another 5/5 rated stay priced at $571/night delivering an unmatched blend of luxury and wilderness. To top it all off, you get an amiable property manager who can guide you for your stay!

5. The Old Inn

The Old Inn at Cacapon Resort State Park is located in the rolling mountains of West Virginia, with its rich history and breathtaking Appalachian landscapes. This inn was the proud inaugural lodge of the West Virginia State Park System. 

Its Colonial ambiance, accentuated by hand-hewn log beams and wormy-chestnut walls, beckons guests to a bygone era of rustic elegance. Housing 12 uniquely crafted bedrooms, the inn can comfortably accommodate up to 32 guests. 

If you are planning a family reunion, you can gather around the inn’s grand stone fireplaces, and prepare meals together in the gourmet kitchen. The well-equipped kitchen will ensure that your culinary escapades are as delightful as the setting.

At Cacapon’s highest peak, the inn overlooks an 18-hole championship golf course, ensuring guests are never short of recreational choices. 

This is one of the unique places to stay in West Virginia where every activity from horseback trail explorations to fishing escapades promises lasting memories that make it a fun place to stay in West Virginia.

For those looking to mix business with leisure, The Old Inn offers the perfect setting. With over 13,000 sq. ft of conference space at Cacapon, corporate retreats find a harmonious balance between work and rejuvenation here.

6. Thorny Mountain Fire Tower 

The Thorny Mountain Fire Tower in the Seneca State Forest offers you an unmatched, sky-high escape in the heart of West Virginia. This is one of the unique places to stay in West Virginia where you can gaze at endless horizons by day and countless stars by night. 

As you ascend the 69  wooden steps, the panorama that unfolds is pure magic. Standing tall at 65 feet, the tower offers a 360-degree view of undulating ridges. 

While the tower once served as a vigilant eye for forest fires, it now gifts visitors a rare opportunity to relish life from a fire lookout’s vantage, minus the occupational hazards. By night, it’s a celestial spectacle, with the vast expanse of the night sky as your canopy.

Now, this isn’t your typical luxury retreat. With its rustic charm, the tower has basic amenities. The road leading to it recommends the sturdiness of a four-wheel drive. And once you’re there, it’s a proper back-to-basics experience. 

Equipped to accommodate four it epitomizes the spirit of wilderness adventure. But you will want to pack those sleeping mats because it has only two cots. A cozy fire pit and picnic table await you at the tower’s base, while a handy pit toilet and firewood shed are close by. 

While the tower may lack running water, a refreshing shower and laundry facilities are conveniently located behind the ranger’s station.

Due to its iconic status, the Thorny Mountain Fire Tower is often fully booked. It’s wise to plan and reserve it a year in advance to secure this bucket-list experience. 

Our Final Words

In this blog of unique places to stay in West Virginia, we’ve discovered treetop sanctuaries, witnessed history in elegant inns, and climbed towers to touch the stars. 

The magic of West Virginia isn’t confined merely to its landscapes; it’s embedded deeply within the experiences and the memories formed.

The evening fires, the morning mists, the midnight stargazing—these moments of serenity and wonder are what truly define a West Virginian stay.

Whether it’s the starlit embrace of the Thorny Mountain Fire Tower or the rustic allure of The Old Inn, these destinations aren’t mere coordinates on a map. Each of these unique places to stay in West Virginia will give you an adventure to remember.