What to Buy in Japan: Top 12 Best Japan Souvenirs

What to Buy in Japan

Hello, fellow adventurers! Have you been bitten by the Japan bug as well? Japan is renowned for its exquisite origami, miraculous sushi, and cherry blossoms, among other things. 

Japan is a culturally rich country that compels you to take a piece of it home with you. You’ve stumbled upon the perfect article that serves as your ultimate guide for Japanese souvenirs. And these aren’t any old souvenirs; we’re talking “omiyage” here, a part of Japanese culture that’s even more delightful than their Karaoke sessions.

Speaking of souvenirs, I need to clarify that these aren’t your average fridge magnets or key chains. They’re thoughtful mementos that Japan’s culture has beautifully metamorphosed into. This checklist is your treasure map, leading you to the riches of the best Japanese souvenirs. 

If you’re a first-time traveler to this beautiful country, our “What to Buy in Japan” guide is tailor-made for you: 

12 Best Japan Souvenir Ideas

1. Kintsugi Pottery Japanese Souvenir

1. Kintsugi Pottery Japanese Souvenir

Have you ever seen a broken piece of pottery that looks even more beautiful than before it was broken? It may sound strange, but in the world of Kintsugi pottery, broken pieces are celebrated and decorated with gold fillings.

Who’d think a tragically cracked teapot could become a symbol of strength and beauty? The Japanese, that’s who. So, next time you are in Tokyo or Kyoto’s many pottery shops, look for those wonderfully marred pieces that shine with gold. 

It’s not about the perfect pot, but the one that has lived, shattered, and shone again. If you’re looking for something meaningful, Kintsugi pottery is one of the best things to buy in Japan. 

2. Kokeshi Dolls

Kokeshi Dolls

Move over Barbie and Ken, and here come the Kokeshi dolls—simplified wooden dolls with a warm-wood patina that just screams simplicity and elegance. Born in the Tohoku region, these dolls carry the history and the charm of Japanese craftsmanship. 

Shopping for Kokeshi is like a treasure hunt. Don’t just grab the first one you see. Take your time, appreciate their simplistic beauty, and find the one that speaks to you. Unsure what to buy in Japan for your kids? The Kokeshi doll is the perfect mix of something fun and culturally significant. 

3. Kendama Toys

Kendama Toys

Want to challenge a Japanese kid to a game? Kendama should be your weapon of choice. It’s like their version of our ball-in-a-cup, but with a twist. 

This toy showcases the balance between Japanese tradition and their love for play. Choose a vibrant and well-balanced Kendama to take home, and practice your swing-and-catch moves.

If you’re looking for cheap things to buy in Japan that are also memorable and have some cultural significance, Kendama toys are a good option. 

4. Green Tea and Matcha Products

Green Tea and Matcha

When in Japan, sip as the Japanese do. And how do they sip? With a warm, comforting bowl of matcha in their hand. Matcha products and green tea embody the zen-like serenity of Japanese culture. 

When shopping for these, look for authentic tea shops, know the different types of Japanese teas, and bring a slice of peaceful Japanese teatime home. Their aromatic and authentic blends of tea are one of the coolest things to buy in Japan. 

5. Sake: Japan’s Signature Rice Wine

Sake: Japan's Signature Rice Wine

I can’t stress this enough, friends. Sake is not just rice wine; it’s a flavor journey through Japan’s countryside, towns, and brewing practices. Whether you love a dry, crisp Junmai or a fruity Daiginjo, picking up a bottle (or two) of Sake is a must! 

Also, don’t just stick to the brands you know. Venture out, sample, and you might find your next favorite drink. Looking for unique things to buy in Japan? An exquisite bottle of rice wine should be at the top of your list. 

6. Wasabi Flavourd KitKats

Japanese Kit Kats are known for their odd flavors. You haven’t really tasted Kit-Kat until you’ve bitten into a wasabi-flavored one. Sounds weird? Welcome to the world of Japanese Kit-Kats! 

They’ve turned this sweet treat into an edgy, quirky memento of your trip. These unconventionally flavored chocolates have become one of the most famous things to buy in Japan. 

Don’t chicken out now! Try them all. Who knows, maybe the Sweet Potato Kit-Kat is your guilty pleasure waiting to be discovered.

7. Kimono and Yukata (Japanese Attire)

Kimonu and Yukuta Japanese attire

If you’ve ever wanted to step into a Samurai’s shoes (or dress, technically), then the Kimono is your ticket. Is it too formal for you? Then try the Yukata, the Kimono’s casual cousin. 

Remember that these intricate garments come in different materials and designs, so choosing one is just as rewarding as wearing one. The elegance you’ll feel – it’s priceless!

8. Handmade Jewelry

One surefire way to gush about your Japan trip is to show off some Japanese jewelry. These aren’t just pieces of metal; they are dainty, delicate, and whisper a tale of Japan’s tradition. 

Choose your jewelry carefully—regardless of whether it’s a timeless pearl necklace or laconic silver earrings, your Japanese souvenirs need to tell a story.

9. Tenugui Handkerchiefs

Tenugai Handkerchif

Imagine a handkerchief that’s more than just a handkerchief. The Tenugui is a cloth tapestry of Japanese art, function, and thoughtfulness. It’s a souvenir that’s functional yet beautiful, like a painting you can use! When shopping for these, let your senses guide you. Touch the fabric, examine the design, and go home with a piece of wearable Japanese art.

10. Manga: Get Your Favorite Series

Manga series

You don’t have to be a nerdy teenager to appreciate the art of Manga. These vibrant, flipping tales are an inseparable part of Japanese pop culture. Understand the charm of Manga by grabbing a series that piques your interest. Remember, it’s not just a comic book, it’s like buying a part of Japan’s collective imagination.

11. Anime Merchandise: From Figurines to T-Shirts

Do you have a soft spot for Naruto or are you a hardcore Dragon Ball fan? Why not wear your loyalty on your sleeves? Roam through Tokyo’s busy Akihabara district, and you’ll find every kind of anime merchandise imaginable. So, go on and splurge on that limited edition Pikachu plushie or that Totoro shirt you’ve always wanted.

12. Ghibli Studio Collectibles

Still unsure what anime things to buy in Japan? Speaking of anime, the Ghibli Studio deserves a category of its own. Everything about it—from their awe-inspiring movies to their creative merchandise—is a pure celebration of imagination. 

When you hold a Ghibli Studio collectible, be it a figure of Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service or a Totoro keychain, you’re holding a piece of cinematic gold.

Our Final Words

I bet you didn’t think Japan had such a smorgasbord of souvenir options, huh? But that’s the beauty of it! From the traditional wisdom of Kintsugi pottery to the imaginative world of anime, Japanese souvenirs aren’t just things; they’re experiences. So, whenever you’re out thinking about what to buy in Japan, remember to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nitty-gritty details of souvenir shopping can be daunting. But hey, don’t sweat it! Here are the answers to a few common roadblocks you might face:

A. Where can I buy souvenirs in Japan?

From the bustling streets of Tokyo’s Akihabara district to Kyoto’s quieter, artisan dens, each Japanese city has its own little souvenir world. Finding these places is almost as fun as the shopping itself.

B. Can I buy these souvenirs online?

Of course, you can! Many Japanese brands and artisans have online shops. But remember, the internet is as mixed as a sushi platter. So do a little research, read reviews, and make sure you’re getting the real deal.

C. What should I consider regarding customs and import laws?

Each country has its own customs laws. Some might not like your green tea as much as you do. So, better safe than sorry. Check your country’s customs policies to avoid any disappointments down the line.

D. Are there special seasonal souvenirs I should look out for?

Oh yes! Japan and seasons go hand in hand. Each season has its own celebrations, and these inevitably spill over into their souvenirs. Be it Sakura (cherry blossom) items during spring or the Sumo calendars during the New Year, Japan thrives on seasonal souvenirs.