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For years, I turned away unsolicited guest posts, but, this year, I decided it was time to change that policy as I want to add more voices, opinions, stories, and tips to this site.

I want to introduce you to folks who might know things and have insights that I don’t. 

So, if you’re interested in writing for Sportingnomad.com, here are our submission requirements:

What Content Do We Want?

We’re interested in the following areas:

  • Stays
  • Making money while traveling
  • Camping innovative ideas
  • Health advice for Digital nomads
  • Travel cooking ideas
  • Senior/Older travel
  • Family travel
  • Solo female travel travel
  • Ultra-cheap travel/backpacking
  • Travel cheaper, travel hacks
  • Budget accommodation 
  • Cheap things to do 
  • Good companies or apps to use

If your topic is out of the given list, still I would like to hear it. I can collaborate only if it aligns with my audience’s expectations. 

Of course, travel stories are great too, so long as they contain a lesson or advice that can be used to help people travel.

How to Submit a Post

Send an email to [email protected] with the exact title “New Guest Writer Article Submission”

Include the following:

  • Who you are (name and designation)
  • Your blog or channel
  • A link to two other guest posts you’ve done
  • Your topic and primary keyword (Keyword Difficulty should be less than 20 and traffic min 100) 
  • The article should not sound promotional 
  • Max 2 backlinks are allowed per guest
  • No AI content should be used 
  • The article should be written for at least 1500 words

Simple and to the point. If I like your pitch, I’ll reply. Please DO NOT follow up. While tenacity can often be appreciated, DO NOT follow up. I get too many emails – and following up means you didn’t read this post, which means I’ll automatically delete your pitches! If you don’t hear back within 1 week, it means your pitch wasn’t accepted.

Finally, please note that if you send me a draft and I find that it will be too much work to edit, I reserve the right to reject it. 

We pay $100 USD per post. (It’s not a lot but it’s all we can do right now!)

That’s really it.

Email us if you are interested!