7 Best Indoor Putting Greens for Every Golf Lover

Best Indoor putting Green

We all know how important a good putt is in lowering your golf score. And if you want to improve your swing, practicing without stepping off the course or golf course is a huge plus. 

This is where the putting greens come into play. While golfing simulators will let you examine your stroke records and play iron and golf equipment indoors, indoor placing will let you exercise your putt and regularly hit the ball. Of course, not everyone can afford high-end green complexes that cost four or even five figures. 

Many adorable solutions have appeared on the market so that options can fit a wide range of budgets. Many things make a best indoor putting green, like grass quality, wrinkle resistance, size, and break playability, are among them. 

This article discusses and compares our picks for the best indoor golf courses for various budgets. These greens can be used at home, or anywhere there is enough space.

7 Best Golf Indoor putting green for every goal lover

1. SKLZ 3×9 feet indoor putting green Carpet

The size of the rug is correct. At just over 8 feet long and 3 feet wide, you’ll have plenty of room to practice a proper length putt without being uncomfortable or too small. You’ll find three appropriately sized holes at the bottom of the rug. 

You can move on to the next one when one bullet is full. It looks pretty much like an actual best indoor putting green. It does to have any alignment guide or training tools, but your green practice in the course does not either, and you have been using it for years. As long as you are not completely clumsy, you do not have to worry about hitting a golf ball in your back. 

It has an additional system to prevent you from throwing the ball away. Two kidney-shaped holes keep the most difficult putts out of the back and under the couch. It’s a bit basic, but as the popular saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”


  • A good mat for the money
  • Portable and good-size


  • Some may find it a bit too basic
  • No golf ball return system  

2. Putting-A-Bout Par Golf Indoor Putting Green Turf

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05/17/2024 11:25 pm GMT

The carpet’s surface is made of high-grade fiber designed not to wrinkle when folded. The bottom is made of non-slip PET plastic. Your putting mat should always have a sticky bottom so that it won’t slip on smooth surfaces. 

Non-slip bottom ensures safety when standing on a carpet. It also has a foam band where the holes create a slight tilt. The kidney shape is designed to give you more of a challenge when practicing your shot. You can do this by varying your angles when placing the ball. Putt-A-Bout Indoor Green is completely portable so you can take it anywhere. 

You can install it in your office during your lunch break for quiet play. You can also install it in your garden or living room. All you have to do is spread out the rug wherever you are and start laying. So easy you may never have to go to the golf course again to practice your putts. 


  • High quality, smooth surface for many years.
  • Bunkers behind the holes catch any balls hot too hard
  • Easy to use with practice aid to support your form.


  • No cups or flags
  • No alignment per mat.

3. SKLZ Golf Home indoor putting green

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05/17/2024 11:57 pm GMT

The “SKLZ Golf Training Bundle” is a complete set of golfing training equipment designed to enhance a golfer’s capabilities and overall performance. This best indoor putting green consists of diverse equipment like a golfing internet, chipping goal, placing mat, and alignment sticks. 

The golfing internet allows training swings and drives at home, while the chipping goal complements precision for quick shots. The placing mat allows for enhancing placing accuracy and distance control. Alignment sticks are useful in reaching the right alignment and posture at some swing stages. 

This package is appropriate for golfers of all levels, supplying a handy and powerful manner to refine their recreation and raise average overall performance at the golfing course.


  • Inexpensive
  • No instructions required


  • Eye-catching or flashy design

4. Putting Matt on indoor

These putting mats offer everything the XL version has but in a compact form. Like the XL version, you get an authentic experience with the crystal velvet surface. 

This indoor putting green is designed to preserve the actual green surfaces. If you seek to hone your capabilities, investing in the best indoor stage green is an incredible choice.

Like its big brother, you’ll see it covered in straight strips. It also measures about 12 on a good old circumstance. Well, one of the holes is downsized. This training aid is valuable because it forces you to hone your accuracy. Getting used to aiming for a smaller target will boost confidence, as the hole will look huge once you take the actual course.


  • Works like the XL model
  • True to life roll
  • Easy-to-see alignment lines
  • Compact size.


  • You get less carpet for not much less money.

5. Abco tech putting indoor Golf Matt

“Abco Tech setting indoor Matt” seems to be a quick word that is probably missing a few contexts; however, primarily based totally on the to-be-had information, it appears to consult an enterprise named “Abco Tech” putting in or setting a kind of “indoor mat. ” 

An indoor mat is a ground overlaying designed for internal buildings, generally positioned at entrances to assist in saving dirt, moisture, and particles from being tracked internally. Abco Tech is probably an enterprise or logo worried about supplying indoor mats and associated products. 

The word shows that Abco Tech is actively putting in or imparting indoor mats for diverse indoor spaces that could consist of homes, offices, or business establishments. Without greater context, it’s hard to offer a greater targeted explanation. However, the word appears to explain an enterprise’s pastime associated with indoor mat installations or sales.


  • Solid base with rubber support
  • Supplied with flags and specific-size holes.
  • Made of artificial grass that simulates real grass
  • The two holes have a built-in alignment aid to help you see if your ball is starting to align.


  • Carpets do not seem to be the best material.

6. CHAMPKEY Premium Golf Putting Mat

This golf practice mat is one of the best indoor putting greens available. Let’s talk about size first. At 10 feet wide and 20 feet long, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice a variety of putt lengths. The surface is also quite good. It is not as “real” as some other suggestions, but it will give you consistency, which you need. 

Multiple lines will allow you to measure distances and align accurately. The standout feature for me is that you can install these workout mats in many ways. This is achieved by inserting small plastic “gaps” below the relevant parts of the green. This allows you to practice playing with breaks. You can also leave them out to make it non-sloping. This indoor putting green also comes with some practice exercises.


  • Best quality in exchange for reasonable money.
  • A very practical way to practice beyond the golf range.
  • The perfect way to improve the best home indoors putting green into your home.
  • You can gradually buy larger mats to expand your area.


  • At first, it isn’t easy to practice at home, even if you get used to it over time. You will need a net to catch the lost golf balls. 
  • You don’t want to break your wife’s Wedgwood tableware or Ming Dynasty vases. 

7. HUAEN Golf Putting Green Putting Mat

HUAEN Golf Green Mat helps golfers improve their accuracy and speed. The Golf mat rolls easily every time to the wrinkle-resistant crystal velvet mat. This material simulates a putting green to assist golfers in their development. The HUAEN golf mat return system saves time for golfers. 

This allows golfers to practice putting rather than taking the ball. Golf mat with three target holes for golfers. By changing the way, a golfer hits the ball, golfers can improve their speed and accuracy. Three holes encourage golfers to practice. Golf green mats can be used both indoors and outdoors. The weatherproof mat is suitable for outdoor use. 

Indoors, golf mats can be used on any flat surface. Putty mats improve putting speed and accuracy. Golfers can practice from different distances and angles using three holes and a return system to improve their speed and direction. The mat is simple to set up and store. The mat can be set up in units, allowing golfers to practice putting the ball immediately. 

The putting mat can be easily transported. Due to its small size and lightweight, it can be used at home, at work, or on the go. It is ideal for on-road golfers looking to improve. The green golf mat is an inexpensive yet practical golf accessory. Golfers can enjoy a professional-quality shot for a fraction of the price. It should be purchased by golfers who want to improve their putting without spending much money.


  • Return the ball and three holes for actual practice sessions
  • Makes a great gift for golf enthusiasts


  • Some customers report poor quality, wrinkled training mats, and rolling balls that are not straight. 

What to look for in a putting Green?

Suppose you think about your golf game and realize you have trouble controlling distance on your putts. There are plenty of mats out there that are affordable and easy to put away after you practice or complete them. 

If you aim to improve speed control, ensure you have a higher speed mat on the odometer and have zones, targets, or cups to aim for. Speed control is also important on shorter shots, so pay attention to how the shot goes into the hole. It is easy to quickly hit one shot after another right into the hole in the carpet, but it is not necessarily the indoor putting mats to do short shots on green grass. 

If you are looking to invest in a high-quality rug that suits on top of your floor, you want to look for something durable, well-built with a good grass speed, and maybe even a combination rug for the show. Your golf simulator. Do you support booking? The website below offers a variety of sites that can help you when your instructor is unavailable. 

Pay attention to putt aids that help you precisely aim the face of the putter, improve your stroke tempo and speed, and get the ball to start on the path you want. Make sure your level of play matches your workout equipment. 

How to Choose the Best Indoor Putting Green

Size of putting green

Perhaps the most important factor when choosing is overall size. Some plants are very small and compact, ideal for small spaces like apartments or offices. At the same time, others are much larger and can take up half of your cave or a large covered courtyard outside.

When thinking about space, remember that most of these greens are malleable. This means easy storage when not in use to improve your short game. But even larger ones (like 5 x 10 feet) will occupy much storage space. Ensure you can fit the rug in an indoor space and have enough storage space. 

Indoor Putting Matt vs Green

Perhaps the most important factor when choosing is overall size. Some plants are very small and compact, ideal for small spaces like apartments or offices. At the same time, others are much larger and can take up half of your cave or a large covered courtyard outside.

When thinking about space, remember that most of these greens are malleable. This means easy storage when not in use to improve your short game. But even larger ones (like 5 x 10 feet) will occupy much storage space.

Ensure that you can install the carpet in the indoor space and have enough storage space. 

Our Final Words

All golfers should spend twice as much time practicing putting as any other part of their game. Depending on what features you consider most important, creating your dream home oasis is a lot easier than most people think.

After extensive research and evaluation of different indoor putting green mats, it is clear that the best indoor putting green mats offer a combination of realistic putting experience and durability. 

After all, just as there is no perfect golf swing for everyone, there is a perfect one for every individual golfer. The same goes for appliances located in the home. Your putting mat or indoor mat needs are unique to you, and working with the right company will help you find the most effective course to meet your golfing needs and goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best indoor putting green?

Some players want a bounce feature, others want a big green, and others just want a mat. Ultimately, the best practice indoor putting mat or putting green is right for you. Buy one you know you’ll use to start hitting shots 10 feet or more on the golf course.

2. How can I practice indoors?

When you have one in your house, there is no excuse not to do the most important part of your golf game. Schedule time each week to build confidence and use your golf mat.

3. Are indoor putting mats easy to set up?

Depending on the type of product, they can be. Size and portability will be the main factors to consider when buying an indoor exercise mat. Best indoor putting green mats are fairly easy to install, while jigsaw rugs are meant to stay in place for long periods and will be difficult to transport in and out of storage spaces.

4. What features should I look for in the best indoor putting mat?

Size, bearing, rubber backing, return system, support/alignment, mobility, durability, practice of putting, and turf quality are all characteristics. The main thing to consider when buying the best indoor putting green mat. 

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