12 Best Hostels In Mexico City 2023 – Best Rated

Best Hostels In Mexico City

If you are lost about where to stay in the pulsing heart of Mexico City without breaking the bank, then you have landed in the right blog post. 

We have tailor-made this article for you by unveiling some of the most exceptional hostels that Mexico City boasts. We’ve got a treasure trove for both backpackers and solo travellers.

We have made a proper list of not just places to crash but destinations that offer a taste of the city’s culture, history, and allure. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the good hostels in Mexico City, the land of tacos and tequilas! From hipster capsules in the city centre to vintage retreats – our list has it all. 

List Of 12 Best Hostels In Mexico City 

1. Viajero CDMX Centro Hostel

Nestled in the historic heart, Viajero CDMX – Centro, which used to be an old neighborhood, now boasts a melting pot of urban art and design. It is one of the best hostels in Mexico City that shouts deep-rooted Mexican culture!

Boasting proudly with 9.4 stars review, Viajero CDMX – Centro hostel is just a jump away from historical gems like the old Colegio de San Ildefonso and La Alameda Park! 

They’ve got cozy corners for those video chit-chats if the whole remote work shenanigan is your jam. And if you cannot part with your pets, this is the perfect hostel for you since they also let small pet buddies in!

2. Casa Pepe Best Hostels In Mexico City

Casa Pepe is the true essence of Mexico City and one of the best hostels in Mexico City! This isn’t your typical hotel – it’s a boutique hostel turned culture hub! Here, art dances with gastronomy, philosophy, and tunes from all over! 

The kicker? Spacious bedroom. Private bathrooms? Check. USB chargers by your bed? Double-check.

You are bound to feel like a local with their free walking tours. You can sip on some exquisite tequila or groove to an in-house concert here. They’ve got El Zocalo and the majestic Cathedral just minutes away. “Mi casa es tu casa” at Casa Pepe!

3. Suites DF Hostel 

If you are seeking an escape from the ordinary but with a twist of authentic Mexico City flair then this small cozy design hostel will be your go-to spot! It has been one of the best hostels in Mexico City for young travelers for nearly a decade! 

This can be your perfect hideaway—just 12 minutes wander lust district Mexico city from Downtown but a peaceful getaway from the noise. Don’t forget to dig into the free Mexican breakfast before you head out to get on the Metrobus!

Near this hostel, you can get a taste of traditional Mexico with local businesses, Che’s historical house, and the grand “Monument to the Revolution.”

4. Wanderlust District

This hostel is tucked between the tree-lined Colonia Roma and Juárez. It is a haven for foodies, coffee lovers, and local designer aficionados. 

They offer a social feast for breakfast – homemade and heartfelt with more than enough options for vegetarians too. They have spacious and light rooms with options for every budget! 

If you fancy a roof garden, speedy Wi-Fi, or lively weekend shenanigans this is one of the best hostels in Mexico City for you. But mind those rules; they like to keep it pleasant. Their age policy is a bit strict, but hey, a little peace never hurts, right? 

5. Massiosare El Hostel

The Massiosare El Hostel is an amazing choice if you’re itching for that authentic and heart-of-the-action vibe. They are a penthouse on the 4th floor but brace yourself for some climbing because they have no elevators. 

If you’re feeling a tad lazy you have some transit options that are just around the corner. If you are a street food fan, you will find palate pleasures awaiting you right outside. 

Not only that Massiosare El Hostel also has a kitchen exclusively for vegetarians. They even serve complimentary breakfast on their scenic terrace! And if you’re a bar hopper, you will definitely enjoy their pop-up bar nights on Thursdays. 

6. Metro Hostal Boutique

If you want to take a dive right into the heart of Mexico City’s lively vibes, then Metro Hostal Boutique has to be your choice! Their mantra is all “Location, Location, LOCATION!” because they are situated right smack in Colonia Roma. 

Each of their rooms has its own urban-cool flavor: cozy yet uber-chic. If you need a morning caffeine fix or a nighttime chill session, their treetop terrace is the spot. They are by far, one of the finest and best hostels in Mexico City. 

The staff here, more like your soon-to-be travel buddies are ever-ready with city secrets to make your journey smoother than your favorite margarita. And guess what? If you’ve got a furry pal, they can join you as long as you play by the rules.

7. Hostel Mundo Joven Catedral

Hostel Mundo Joven Catedral is right in the beating heart of the city! If you decide to stay here, you’ll be just behind that big cathedral. 

If you’re someone who loves a fiesta; their guacamole and lottery night activities are a blast. In this hostel, you also get to mingle with folks from across the globe! 

From here, you can head to Terraza Catedral for delicious food and drinks, and ah, those views! Just mind the noise on Fridays and Saturdays – but hey, they’ve got free earplugs if you need ’em. 

This hostel scores a whopping 9.5 on security so if security is your priority, then this is definitely going to be one of the best hostels in Mexico City that you’ll find. 

8. Hostel Home

Hostel Home, being the first backpacker’s nook in town, it’s not just any hostel; it’s *the* hostel! They are situated right in Mexico City amidst historic La Roma and Condesa’s vibes. 

They aren’t just about providing you a spot to rest those feet; they’re here for the tales, tunes, and tantalizing travel chats. If you crave some genuine Mexican magic – bingo, you’re in one of the best hostels in Mexico City! 

Their abode’s buzzing with folks sharing epic travel plans, coffee stories, and music. They’re cool with late check-ins but just remember that they only deal with cash so you might want to carry those good old pesos with you. 

9. Mexico City Hostel

Mexico City Hostel is Just a stone’s throw (literally, 20 meters) from The Cathedral and bustling Zocalo. If you’re chasing both charm and a steal, this joint’s your jackpot. 

Bathing in the elegance of Colonial days, the building is one of the best hostels in Mexico City offering a beautiful peek into yesteryears. As soon as you step out, you’re amidst galleries, quirky shops, and oh-so-authentic markets. 

The inside of this hostel has everything from cozy private nooks to vibrant dormitories and patios that ooze Mexico’s traditional aura. It is arguably the best and most affordable stay in the heart of the city. Their star ratings scream value for money.

10. Casa MX Alameda

CASA MX Alameda is a refreshingly new concept for hostels in Mexico City. Situated just a skip away from Paseo de la Reforma, it’s the ideal pitstop after exploring Downtown’s nooks and crannies. 

They have a variety of bunking choices – from a snug trio to a ten-bed jamboree. But if solo’s your vibe, there’s a space for that too! 

In this hostel, you can explore the gym, engage in fun bouts in the game room, or just laze in the hammocks. If you’re seeking bike rides they’ve got cycles for you and even free neighborhood tours! 

This hostel has a rule of 18+ only, so it’s all mature vibes and shared stories that you’ll be finding here. 

11. Downtown Beds

Downtown Beds is also one of the best hostels in Mexico City where style meets history. It’s a place where colonial elegance fuses with fresh design and where every corner holds a story. 

It is situated in the vibrant heart of Mexico City and whispers tales from an age-old palace, once home to the Counts of Miravalle. This hostel is not that far from the city’s iconic Historic Center. 

For social butterflies, this gem of a hostel is more than just a place to crash. You’ll get to brush shoulders with fellow adventurers and discover curated boutiques showcasing the genius of local artisans. 

If you are craving comfort and convenience then you should head to Downtown Beds. From Wi-Fi zones to 24×7 assistance, they’ve got you covered for everything! 

12. U-Co Juarez

Are you in search of the best cheap hostels in Mexico City? This establishment, located in the heart of CDMX, caters to sophisticated travellers. Being one of the best hostels in Mexico City, they have two distinct accommodation styles. 

They offer individual capsules, epitomizing personal space and luxury with their Luuna memory foam mattresses, and private rooms. These are perfect for pairs seeking solace in the city’s heart. 

Besides the plush bedding, guests are treated to an array of amenities from high-speed internet to an eco-conscious ethos, encouraging a reduction in single-use plastics. 

A noteworthy mention is that it’s one of the cheapest hostels in Mexico City and the establishment operates between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., but late arrivals can seamlessly self-check in. However, do remember that the people here like their peaceful slumbers from 10 pm to 7 am. 

Our Final Words

Mexico City’s heartbeat is not only in its streets, cuisine, or art but also in the warm embrace of its hostels. We hope that this list of the best hostels in Mexico City that we prepared has helped you make an informed decision about what kind of hostel would best suit you.

While these hostels might seem like plain lodgings to you, you never know when you can make incredible friends and create unforgettable memories. The list might also cover your needs and requirements from cheap hostels in Mexico City near the airport to hostels in Wanderlust Mexico City. With so much to explore, finding such people can absolutely make or break your experience at times. 

With so much to explore, finding such people can absolutely make or break your experience at times. 

So, just ensure that your adventure in this grand metropolis is complemented by the perfect place to rest and recharge.

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